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Hi! I’m Camille. Welcome to my world of visual novels!

Catlip Candy is mainly about my adventures in creating Visual Novels using Ren’Py. In this blog, I’ll be posting all my visual novels and their walkthroughs, updates on my works in progress, and visual novels that I played, because other than creating visual novels, I want to see how others make their own, and maybe learn some cool things from them!




After a long time, I just checked my ren’py projects. I have this Notebook where I list all my ideas for visual novels. It’s categorized into Ideas, Completed and On Hold. For the On Hold part, it’s the visual novels that I am currently working on. Well, let me tell you that I have three visual novels in the On Hold part. What a joke. I can’t even focus on just one!

But now, I just want to focus on one visual novel: Twisted High School, which name is kinda sucky to be honest. I want a more unique name than that. But it’s not really the title that is the problem. It’s everything else. From the storyline, the script, the art. Everything. I haven’t done anything at all! I have zero progress. I was just planning all along! And now that I checked my laptop for whatever work I’ve done, I just found up that everything was lost.

So, see why I named this post “Backup”? That’s right, people, YOU NEED TO MAKE BACKUPS! I just recently cleaned my computer and I think one of the script files I did was lost forever into the abyss, the moment I clicked Delete Permanently, thinking I had backup in my hard drive. Boi, was I ever wrong?

And so, I’m trying to look on the brighter side of things. Let me tell you that this visual novel I was making has a heavy plot. It’s too serious. It’s too much. From the script, from the drama, from everything. Is there a way to make it more KISS? Keep It Short and Simple!

But hey, when I actually googled what KISS meant, it’s Keep It Simple, Stupid, so yes, basically, it’s speaking to me. KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! It’s now my opportunity to start anew. However, I plan on keeping the nine parts of the story which I made just to make things quite simpler. The story still has a huge background, but I want to make it much lighter. I want to keep the script much shorter. If I just make it bigger and bigger, I really won’t be able to make it near completion. I want to get done with this visual novel already, and make a new one, and I promise to myself that I will not make another VN unless I finish this (except for NaNoRenO stuff).

We’ll see how it goes.

EP 4 – More for Girls


Cami Fai – More for Girls | LINE Webtoon


God, my back hurts, seriously. I feel like an old lady about to ascend the heavens as my soul leaves my body, but anyways, here’s the fourth episode of my shitty comics. So far, I have, like, 10 strangers subscribing in my webtoon excluding the other 10 who are my siblings and friends. You have no idea how happy I am! sheds tears of joy

And now, I shall sleep because I have work later on. Goodnight everyone!