Welcome to Catlip Candy!


Hi! I’m Camille. Welcome to my world of visual novels!

Catlip Candy is mainly about my adventures in creating Visual Novels using Ren’Py. In this blog, I’ll be posting all my visual novels and their walkthroughs, updates on my works in progress, and visual novels that I played, because other than creating visual novels, I want to see how others make their own, and maybe learn some cool things from them!


EP 4 – More for Girls


Cami Fai – More for Girls | LINE Webtoon


God, my back hurts, seriously. I feel like an old lady about to ascend the heavens as my soul leaves my body, but anyways, here’s the fourth episode of my shitty comics. So far, I have, like, 10 strangers subscribing in my webtoon excluding the other 10 who are my siblings and friends. You have no idea how happy I am! sheds tears of joy

And now, I shall sleep because I have work later on. Goodnight everyone!