The reason I created this blog


I never thought I’d create my own blog. It wasn’t my thing to create websites and such. In creating our own blog, we need to have a lot of time, a lot of things to say and a lot of thoughts to share. It’s a commitment to be fully hands on in taking care of our websites and I’m too lazy to update  anything. Nevertheless, my passion in making Visual Novels (VN) pushed me into making my nonexistent blog to be put into reality, and it is done!

For those who haven’t heard of visual novels, it’s a story game with pictures, background music, and dialogues basically. (It’s not really a game in my opinion. But a visual novel can include mini-games for the readers to play such as stat raising, finding games etc.)

For a better understanding, one can say that it’s a written story with visuals and background music.

The best part is, the reader can change the endings of the story. That’s right. It’s possible for a visual novel to have different endings. How does the reader/player change the story’s ending? During the gameplay, questions will be given to the reader, and they get to choose between those questions that decide the novel’s ending. If you have read a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book then you’ll know what I’m talking about. That’s what I love in visual novels. They interact with the reader.

If visual novels isn’t your thing but you still enjoy creating stories but with no diverging paths, then you can create a Kinetic Novel (KN). A kinetic novel is similar to a VN but it only has one path. But you can still add drawings such as the characters’ images and the background music.

Now you may be wondering if there’s a software that lets you create visual novels. As for myself, I have used Ren’Py for coding/programming my visual novels. It’s free and easy to use. If we get too confused when it comes to coding, we can visit the Lemmasoft Forums. It’s the Ren’Py’s official forum where we can ask questions, and even share our own visual novels once it’s finished! The forum users are friendly and they’re very helpful in answering the questions. There’s also a lot of visual novels that originated in Lemmasoft, so it would be a good thing to visit the forum if you’re going to use Ren’Py in creating your visual novels.

Anyway, enough of plugging Ren’Py and Lemmasoft. 😀 It’s just that I’m a fan of Ren’Py and the forum that I can’t help it but advertise and suggest it to everyone.

Don’t worry about the drawings if drawing isn’t what you’re good at (I suck at drawing, too) or if you don’t know how to play any musical instruments (all I know is how to play visual novels)… There’s tons of free drawings and background musics widespread in the Internet! You’ve just got to find them!

To view my created visual novels, you can click the My Works page. I’ll be adding a post once in a while to update my games list and if there’s ever a progress in my current projects. This blog is mainly about my adventures with the world of visual novels! There are many things that I still don’t know about creating visual novels, and I’m here to learn more from other blogs that discuss all about visual novels.

I might only be talking to myself here but who knows? Maybe someone got lost and found their way here? Hahaha! Good day! And happy reading!


4 thoughts on “The reason I created this blog

  1. Wow, thanks for the info. I never knew of Kinetic Novels; I though graphic novels were it as far as drawn stories go.

    Anyway, I just want to share some tips with you so that you can ‘stay on the bandwagon’. Firstly, make regular posts, not one every time you ‘feel like it’. For instance, why not every Thursday at 5PM? That way you’ll be on a schedule, and your readers will know what to expect and when to expect it.

    Another tip is to engage with us, your fellow bloggers. Come check some of us out. You never know who might reciprocate and start following your blog. Also try commenting your thoughts on every post you find interesting.

    Anyway, hope these helped!

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    • fakeexistence

      I’m glad I was able to share some information about visual novels 😀 Yeah, today my plan was to find other blogs and read different posts (maybe something that relates to anime, visual novels and such) and maybe read and follow some interesting blogs (even if it doesn’t have any connection with visual novels) including my friends’ blogs here at WordPress. About the scheduling, I’ll be having a hard time about that. If only Internet is installed within my body I can browse the web whenever I like. But this wifi is my brother’s and he sometimes goes to work, taking it with him, and he won’t be back for hours. Plus we only meet on weekends, and I’m about to go on a trip so that means I won’t be seeing him for a long time. The Internet’s so slow, too. I know it’s a lot of excuse, but it’s true. But! Maybe when I get back, I’ll update this blog and post about things that happened during my travel? Maybe… A blog that is a mix of VNs and your life events might not be ‘that’ bad. Anyway, thanks for your advice. And wow, I’m writing a really long reply! LOL!


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