Adding a Walkthrough page!


If I’ve released a game and people demand for walkthroughs to get all endings (if there really are people who are interested in my VNs LOL), then I figured out that I should make a walkthrough page!

As of now, I haven’t added a walkthrough for my VN Raven… Yet! A page shall be published for next week under the Walkthrough menu. I just recently found out the “Scheduled Status” whenever you create a post or a page. If my guess is right, the post or page, when given a specific schedule, shall be published on that time, even if the owner of the blogger isn’t online during that time.

So basically, I’m doing this to test out if this really works out fine. The results will come out next week if it worked or not. So I’m creating a page after this, but will be published next week. I hope it works! (Sorry for making this a test just to get to know WordPress more.)


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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