Played Freak-Quency


    I promised myself that I’ll make a post for visual novels that I have played. Amateurish or not, as long as I played it, I’ll share it with anyone who wants to hear it. 😛 Anyway, most of the VNs I play come from Lemmasoft Forums (Another one for plug in). And Freak-Quency, a stat-raising Visual Novel by Xerofit51 is a really popular game!

    It was unbelievable for a person like me who’s not into stat-raising to play this game. I totally suck in stat raising. I always fail to boost my Main Character’s (MC) skills during the game! So I definitely dislike stat-raising!

    That’s how some people are. We don’t like things wherein we can’t succeed. But i’m sure most of us overcame this.

    For some of you who’s new to stat-raising, it’s a game or a Visual Novel  wherein your Main Character (MC) have these skill bars like Intellect, Charm, Bravery etc that you need to boost up by choosing some menu options in the game. For example, how would you like to spend your time with? If you chose to “Study”, your Intellect will increase. If you chose to “Exercise”, your Health will increase. As easy as that. And I am not good in raising my MC’s status.

    But what’s beautiful that hooked me up into Freak-Quency?

    I fell in love with the art: Image  

    Let’s admit it. One thing that makes your visual novel a magnet for the readers is the art. CGs, BGs, Character sprites or other images, as long as they’re done well, and original, I’ll be definitely hooked up into reading it!

    The Character sprites, especially the bachelors, caught my attention! Creating many sprites with unique detail and consistent quality. Well that’s something! I had a trouble doing that in my first Visual Novel.

      And the story is very interesting! It’s all about battle games using monsters as guardians and such, another one of those sci-fi genres, but mainly, it’s an otome game. It’s not your everyday story plot, so this is not cliche! It’s better if you read the original post. Click the link to be redirected to the Freak-Quency thread in Lemmasoft. There’s a link there where to download it and for hints/walkthrough. I’m a great advertising tool.

    Plus, the music backgrounds are a good choice! It makes me absorbed and more into playing the game. It really suits the mood! I did like some scenario where it’s a funny scene but the music background used is emotional. It makes me laugh more! I love Xerofit51’s humor, and it makes me keep reading until I get my first ending!

      Though there’s some things that I was quite sulking about. Things like:

        – I was confused in navigating my MC. I didn’t know that there was a button to go left, or that there was a button to go right. Why is that? Because the buttons were invisible unless you hover over them. It took me time to find the right position of the button so I could go left or right. And I recently discovered it when the game is almost ending! (But that could mean I’m not just good with directions :P)

        – I believe it wasn’t proofread enough.

        – I was upset when it didn’t have a CG gallery… I LOVE the art so much that I want to look at them over and over again. (But Xerofit51 already provided a zip in mediafire for those who wants to have a copy of the drawings FOR PERSONAL USE. See page 9 of Freak-Quency thread in lemmasoft).

        – I would also wanted to do some scrolling the mouse up whenever I miss some dialogues (VN readers will get me)

        – Another thing is that there are only three endings. A good ending, a bad ending, and a true ending. I got the true ending on first try, and after getting all endings, I still stick with the true ending even though… It’s not a happy one.

      But why am I sulking over the three endings? There are five bachelors in the game, and there’s only three endings?!!! I was hoping there could be five… Since there’s five bachelors… You know? One ending for each of them?

   Usually, in otome games, the number of your dateable guys or bachelors is also your number of good endings. There would be an ending with each of them. But in Freak-Quency, you need to date all guys to get a good ending! Which is very unusual for me, since most otome games strictly require that you don’t cheat with your bachelors or it will certainly give you a bad ending.

    This means that Freak-Quency isn’t your usual Otome game.

    As for what I have learned from this Visual Novel, if I’m going to do a stat-raising VN or Point-and-Click kind of VN (which is really difficult, by the way), I’ll try to avoid the negative things that I experienced with Freak-Quency. These negative things are the smallest things that won’t affect your reading experience, but other readers might have the same thought as I had, so it’s better safe than sorry.

    But!!!! Enough with my sulking! I was over it that’s why I’m sharing my thoughts! This game is splendidly done! And it’s for free! One can see the effort and the time spent on this visual novel. I’m referring this VN to those who likes stat-raising and Otome games!

    I don’t know if I’ll ever make a stat-raising VN…? It’s a difficult job. That would mean I’m going to learn more coding! @_@ But I suddenly got this idea that’s so perfect for a stat-raising visual novel. Meh… I have much more projects to attend to. Maybe after I finish other projects? So long, my future-stat-raising-VN!

   Congrats, Xerofit51. You made me play a stat-raising VN. And now I’m inspired to make my own stat-raising VN, too! ❤


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