My next VN


    Okay, time for trashing ideas.

     I was thinking of making a VN where there’s a ghost guy that was mistaken as a human by a girl. 

    One of my ideas that I should be working on, but I’m going to trash this, because I like my other idea: The Remover.

   This Visual Novel, The Remover, has a mission to share some of my country’s myths and folklore, because I thought of maybe sharing something from our culture. And it’s also used in many fictional stories. 

   Plus, it’ll be a series, and with a girl MC. Most people really do like female main characters.

   This will also challenge my skill in drawing art, so I better work on it as soon as possible.

   I’ll talk about it more next week. Since I don’t have my laptop and sketchbook with me, I can’t draw a thing. Plus, the Internet is very limited from where I am.

   Sharing your culture by means of literature. That’s a story that would be fun to write!


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