Mythical Creatures: The Remover


    One of the most famous creature of the night in the country that I live in: The Remover.


    Actually, I don’t think this creature has a name in the English language. It’s called Manananggal in our native tongue (pronounce it as maa-na-nang-gal). But after it was featured in one of the local TV shows, I learned that the Manananggal has a lot of similarities with other creatures in some countries. Here’s a list of the different names:

Indonesia’s Palasik
Malay’s Penanggalan
Balinese’s Leyak
Dayak’s Kuyang
Thailand’s Krasue
Cambodia’s Ap
Laos’ Kasu
Japan’s Nukekubi
Mapuche’s Chonchon
Sabah’s Balan-Balan

    The similarities are the same. They all fly to hunt for prey, diet consists of blood, guts, especially that of a newborn baby, and all the creatures detach itself from its body.
Although among the articles that I’ve read, the Manananggal is the most different because the other creatures detach their heads along with the entrails while the manananggal detaches its upper body (the head down to the stomach) and leaves the remaining lower body standing on the ground. There is nothing other like the Manananggal.

    The difference of other creatures:


    But since the word Manananggal can be difficult to pronounce and to type, I decided that an English word is better. Since Manananggal comes from the root word “tanggal” meaning to remove or separate, I decided to call it The Remover.
    At first I was thinking of searching the Webster dictionary for a wonderful name and I’ve thought of the word “seperada” coming from my mom’s mouth… She’s not really good in giving names.


    So it’s settled! My visual novel that I’m currently working on is entitled as Mythical Creatures: The Remover. I’m making this a series. This is an ambitious project, indeed!


This is decided as the main menu picture, but will add title and some little touches here and there so it's still incomplete!

This is decided as the main menu picture, but will add title and some little touches here and there so it’s still incomplete!

    I’m currently working on the script. At first, I thought of going with a male Main Character, but after giving it some thought, I realized that most people in Lemmasoft forums like female MCs! So my characters switched roles! They were okay with it, so it’s not really a problem :p

    I do hope the story’s not too weird. I mean, there are tons of movies out there which features this kind of creature. I’ll post more updates and maybe share some CGs. 


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