Forgot to print your PUP voucher and registration closed?


EDITED!!! (added photos so people will know where the “link” or “URL” is)

So you already registered your subjects and viewed your PUP voucher, but for some reasons (due to laziness, procrastination etc) you weren’t able to print it, and the registration closed. What now greets you when you click the “Registration” button are the words: “Registration is not yet open”, and now you have stumbled upon this blog post because you’ve been tearing your hair out, searching for solutions with the help of Google-senpai and trying to figure out what to do.

Congratulations! You have the same problem that almost every lazy person is facing now (admit it! you procrastinated in printing your voucher!), and congratulations, again, because now, you’ll be able to get your PUP voucher back.

Since lot of people from the Philippines generated the most traffic in my blog just by viewing this post, it might mean that a lot of students had the same problem.

How to print your PUP voucher like 1, 2, 3…. *eats that piece of cake

1. Open your SIS.

2. Go to the “Message” page.



3. On the website’s URL, (THE LINK!) you’ll find the word “messaging”. Change it to “assess”. 



4. Press enter, of course. You’ll be redirected to the page where your voucher is.


5. And boom-shack-a-lack-a!!! Hahaha! There’s your voucher, just click on the “Pay at any LANDBANK branch to get the voucher. BE SURE TO PRINT IT THIS TIME!!! or save as html. 

If you have the ability to pay online for your fee, then that’s good too!

Always pay attention to the date mentioned in your voucher. There’s a deadline where you can pay to the Land bank. After that date, all transactions shall be made in the registrar. And the Land bank closes at 3PM (I’m not sure if the Land bank is open during weekends).

Hope this helps.


29 thoughts on “Forgot to print your PUP voucher and registration closed?

  1. Cami Lui

    Reblogged this on Faistence _VN and commented:

    Just having a little bit of experiment because a lot of my blog post links don’t work anymore, since I changed my website url. It’s as expected tho.


    • fakeexistence

      That, hindi ko po alam what you meant by “remaining balance”, sorry po 😦 It’s better to ask someone from the ICT


    • fakeexistence

      First of all, this post is for people who forgot to print their PUP Voucher after silang masaraduhan ng Registration period. Kung nasaraduhan na kayo ng registration at wala pa kayong voucher, the link is mismong URL. Para ma print yung voucher, click the “Pay at any Landbank branch”.


    • Anonymous

      eh, paano naman ung sa mga hindi pa natatag ng landbank, kahit bayad na.. almost 2weeks na kong bayad wala paring nakatag sa sis ko


    • fakeexistence

      Lapit nalang po kayo sa ICT, kung may further problems po kayo, yung post, para lang sa mga taong nakalimutang mag pa print nung voucher kasi nasaraduhan ng registration at hindi ko pa naranasan yung problems niyo po so I don’t know… Sorry 😦


    • fakeexistence

      Nope, but I heard the song a long time ago, just got sort of Last Song Syndrome when writing this post 😛


    • fakeexistence

      You’re welcome~ It was also a panicky situation for me when I forgot to save my PUP voucher Dx


    • fakeexistence

      Hi. I just checked my PUP SIS after seeing your comment and it still works for me. I think this only works if you saved and assessed all required subjects for the next semester. If you’re having issues about your SIS or your voucher, I suggest you visit the ICT office inside the National Aquino Library and Learning Resources Center if you’re attending the main PUP campus in Sta. Mesa, Manila.


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