Played Unplanned Amour


    Look here! Someone made an Otome for their first game! Unplanned Amour written by CrimsonMoon one of the cutest Otome games I’ve played!

    The story’s not that long. As Crimson Moon said, it was supposed to be lighthearted. I’m sure you’ll reach an ending within half an hour. Or depending on how fast you read, if you like to skip seen words of not…

    Anyway, what caught my attention is that the story is not quite your teen themed story. It’s about a 29-year old female MC turning 30, and yet, with no love life. Although the character sprites looks young to me 😆 which adds to the cuteness of the VN. Still, thinking that it’s not set within the school premises, or that the MC is a little bit older rather than your usual teenager MC, it’s new to me.
    I think you should read the original thread in Lemmasoft:

    This Visual Novel features three guys! Evzen, Adair, and Bastian.

Evzen, the gentle doctor, with the glasses!

Adair, my favorite, energetic weirdo.

Bastian, your tough guy, always to the rescue!

    What appeared to me first was Evzen, so I got on with the green-haired boy with the glasses, but I got the bad ending with Evzen. Playing a little bit with the choices, I stumbled upon Adair’s route and got the good ending in a glimpse of an eye!
    What I notice in this VN, is that you won’t be meeting those three guys all at once. It’s up to you to choose whom you want to settle with since the very beginning of the VN. It’s like choosing a one-ride ticket to the good ending. One wrong choice and it’s a bad ending for you.
    It would be nice if the three guys have interaction with each other, or if there’s a jealousy scene between the three… But with Unplanned Amour, it really sets you with just one guy so you could concentrate with the one you chose from the very start, increasing your good ending chance.
    I also enjoyed the CGs. As of now, I have seen three CGs, each CG for each guy! And I enjoyed Bastian’s CG the most. Why? This is a little bit spoiled, though. Please drag mouse in order to read spoilers.

    (Somewhat spoiler – I liked Bastian’s ending CG since he’s the only one who was shown the marriage event. The two other guys’ CGs only ends up with a kiss, but we know it will also lead to marriage :p However, with Bastian’s cool and rough character, his emotion in the CG is really cute!)

    What I liked the most was Adair. He stood out as the happiest of the three, but with a really sad background. He shows up as hyper and weird, but unexpectedly grows up in a sad environment. I also like his character sprite the most… I’m gonna share another spoiler.

    (Extreme spoiler – I love Adair’s sprite because he’s the only one who changes clothes during the whole game. You’ll know why if you play the Visual novel)

    Although it’s a bit obvious, considering it’s an otome. 😉
    Most of all, I like it how the characters have a back story of their own. Especially something to do with their pasts, and that’s the MC’s job to know their story. Each bachelor has a sad past to reveal behind those energetic laugh (Adair), behind that gentle smile (Evzen) and behind that tough character (Bastian). I think in order to have a strong relationship, you have to share your sad past, no matter how painful it is, to make your relationship work. This means no secrets to have a healthy relationship, and that’s what this VN teaches you.
    I really enjoyed reading this Visual Novel! You say it’s a light-hearted one, but in the end, after the guys open up, the emotions start to pour in! Good job on your first VN! Congratulations, CrimsonMoon and your team! ❤


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