Using that Extend statement…


Recently, I’ve encountered a problem on how to change the character sprites’ moods in the middle of their sentence.

For example:

“Fake Existence” “I was running down the hallway… And then I slipped!”

At this sentence, I would like to show a character sprite’s emotion as a “normal face” on the first sentence (I was running down the hallway…) and on the second sentence (And then I slipped) I would like to show a “crying face”.

So what I’m trying to accomplish here is that I want my character to change expressions from a normal face to a crying face in just one sentence, without refreshing the text box.

I wasn’t able to connect to the Internet at that time since I was visiting my parents’ place (and they absolutely don’t have nice WiFi signal there) so I did what I could do and that was play the Tutorial VN that can be found on every Ren’Py software.

I’m not the fast learner type. I depend on Google a lot, and on the Lemmasoft forums, too. But this time I actually paid attention to the Tutorial that Ren’Py has to offer. Actually, I’ve already played it a couple of times and I’m as still clueless as to how to do that!!! In my opinion, the Tutorial focus on showing the Ren’Py users what Ren’Py is capable of. And not focusing on the code itself. There are useful codes on the Documentation part (you can access it even without Internet) but there are some codes that I don’t understand, like making your CG Gallery and others.

While I read the Tutorial, I clicked the button Character Objects 6.2.0 and that’s where I saw the character sprite named Eileen change her emotions thrice while speaking within one sentence!!! The answer to my prayers!!!

It seems that there’s an “extend” character that exists. I couldn’t figure how to type the word extend to the script code… Like… Should I put it in an init block or just write extend like this?:

“Fake Existence” “I was running down the hallway… extend And then I slipped!”

Or whatever…. I was just confused and stupid 😆 But I came to this conclusion!

“Fake Existence” “I was running down the hallway…”

extend “And then I slipped!”

And that made it work!!! However, add one space on the second sentence so it shall look like this:

“Fake Existence” “I was running down the hallway…”

extend ” And then I slipped!”

Can you spot the difference? 😛

That one space is important, because if you don’t add space, the two sentences won’t have any space between them in the actual game.

And that’s how I learned to use the extend character!!! >_< It is really simple when you think about it… But a person like me took minutes how to learn this. 😀



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