Gaia Avatar Art


So I made a digital drawing of my avatar in Gaiaonline. 

Gaiaonline is an online website where you can dress your avatar up and have a chat with forums, go to towns andd interact with other players, or just play games to earn gold and buy stuff for your avatar.

I used Paint Tool SAI to draw this. And it was drawn by mouse… 😆 I’ve seen tutorial about digital drawing with just mouse and they’re amazing!!!

There’s more room for progress, though.


Anyway, have a nice day!


Fake Existence


5 thoughts on “Gaia Avatar Art

    • fakeexistence

      That’s true, even in real life we gain experience, even in MMORPG by killing monsters we gain experience, it’s all the same 😀 Yay to that onee-chan of yours btw~


    • My pleasure! What I like most about your blog is that, you use it as a medium to express your creativity,at something which you are really good at. I appreciate your work. And continue doing it. All the very best to you.

      Liked by 1 person

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