Voice acting!!?


Visual novels can also have sound clips on them… And I’m thinking of adding some voice acting on my Visual novels… 0_0


  • I don’t have a microphone.
  • This house has a lot of people going in and out, and it’s always noisy, whether it’s the television, or the people talking. Adding sounds from motorcycles and other noise outside the streets.
  • I don’t know how to edit sound clips.
  • I am not experienced in voice acting (but I don’t really see this as a “huge” problem. I BELIEVE that I can do it, no matter how I’m inexperienced)
  • Maybe another problem is that I can’t do voice acting for male characters (^U^’)\/


Things I thought that could be a solution to my problems:

  • Rather than using mic, maybe I can just download a free software recorder that is pretty neat so it reduces background noise? If anyone knows whatever app that can help me… Please do tell.
  • I might just wait for them to sleep. Or find a good time where no one’s using the TV, no one’s talking, or if a noisy motorcycle passed by, I can always reset one sentence and redo it again. (But this would be difficult. And finding a quiet time is rare.)
  • Even if I’m not talented in editing sound clips, I can always visit tutorials in the Internet and learn. Just gonna type something like “how to edit sound” in Google and there we go.
  • Not experienced in voice acting, but I have a voice, and I’m gonna use that. (Oh yeah. Just found a neat blog in WordPress that is relevant in voice acting!: http://iwanttobeavoiceactor.com/
  • I’ll just find friends who can do voice acting for me. I know some talented ones.

And that’s it, friends! You can say I’m getting way too ambitious 😆 But being ambitious is a great thing if you just have the dedication, the passion, and the determination. Right?

Although someone told me that a microphone is really important! And that I need a pop filter. So money to buy these things is also important too. 


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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