A new way to obtain backgrounds…?


Drawing original art for my own Visual Novels is difficult for me (as I still lack of experience, and I still need to go through a lot of tutorials!) that’s why I’ve decided to search for free resources of background in the Creative Commons section of the Lemmasoft Forum. It’s where all is free, from backgrounds to music, to character sprites! (But I’m not using free character sprites. I’ll draw my own.)

One thread that caught my eye is Uncle Mugen’s free background thread. The link:

Uncle Mugen’s free delicious BGs

He says it’s a dumping thread for failed backgrounds, but whatever he says, they’re all still amazing! ❤ 

He’s using Sketchup, and probably, the pro version. As I’m still a student with no money *cries … I decided to just download Sketchup Make, the free version. And what do you know? It offers the 30 day trial of the Sketchup Pro version… … SO I REALLY NEED TO LEARN THIS THING FAST!!! And hopefully, make some decent backgrounds before Sketchup Pro version is done… *cries

However, if I’m not compatible with Sketchup (see, there are software applications that no matter how many tutorials I watched and read, I can’t still bring myself to like the application), I will just use Uncle Mugen’s free BGs when it comes to that.

It’s not that I dislike using free resources. But there are so many people who used the same BGs that it won’t have the originality to my Visual Novel… You get what I’m saying? Anyway, I still downloaded ALL BGs from Uncle Mugen’s thread just because they totally rock and I’m a fan of his works, and I might use them in the future ❤

New goal: Learn how to use that Sketchup thing!


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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