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So it’s been a while since I posted about a Visual Novel I read! This time, it’s Café Memoria~  a Visual Novel created by thebackup.

If you read my previous post about voice acting, well, this is the reason for my obsession in voice acting! All characters are voiced in Café Memoria! Even the protagonist! (although if I’m going to voice my characters, I’m not including the main protagonist).

Anyway, you’re searching for a high quality Visual Novel? Finding something cute and refreshing? Then visit Café Memoria! A place where your stay will be memorable! Here’s the link:

Cafe Memoria thread in Lemmasoft

And also, there’s the link to the blog in WordPress:


Café Memoria is a Slice of Life genre, featuring five lovely waitresses in a wonderful café (the café is wonderful, Uncle Mugen took part in the backgrounds). You play the part of the male protagonist who stumbles into the café after looking at his empty fridge.

Although I don’t think it’s a BxG… the main protagonist doesn’t pursue anyone here 😆 Right now, I think the Visual Novel introduces the characters. Sadly, you’re not allowed to date them, only to know them better. As you observe how the waitress did her job, you’ll get to rate her on how she did well. If it’s a bad rate, you won’t know her back story. If it’s a good rate, something will happen after your visit in Café Memoria – a memorable one.

So I think Café Memoria is just the introduction of all the characters for the sequel (that is, if thebackup makes a sequel). And since the characters are already introduced to me, I’ll give my opinions about each character.


Ryne Reyes

The male protagonist which name I like to pronounce as Ryan. At first I thought he was weak looking, you know? Very ordinary. The kind of character with no distinct feature, the typical type who is always looking after his friends and helping them. There’s nothing wrong with that type of main character. But I was surprised with him being angry in Mikaela’s route:

Even with his angry face, he doesn’t look angry to me at all. But that sentence says he can be angry, too… sometimes.

That was just unexpected, since I thought he was the kind of guy who’s always kind and won’t talk back, but I’m wrong. I hope I can find more about him if thebackup creates a sequel.

Let’s get to the waitresses! Each one of them has a reason why they chose to work in Café Memoria. Select one to get to know her!

Anna Pervova

This shy, clumsy girl whom I thought was very annoying at first. Sorry, but I don’t really vote in for shy, clumsy girls who faints at little things. Always jumpy and confused, Anna is still hardworking, and I think, the most hardworking in all of them. If I have this kind of personality, the shy and the clumsy, I might end up inside my room, but Anna insists on beating that personality and tries her best to go out of the comfort zone. Well, I don’t have that kind of personality anyway 😉

She’s always worrying about things!

But being clumsy and shy isn’t the worst thing. Actually, it adds to her cuteness and to the charm of the game. I believe all manga, all anime, and all Visual Novels should have this type of girl.

Mikaela Kier

YES!!! The girl I love the most. Why? Because we both like Mountai- *eherm I mean Hilly Dew~ Plus, I can see myself in her. At first we both look grumpy, mean, foul-mouthed (I admit, I don’t deny) but just get to know us better and you’ll see an entire different MOOD SWING!!! (Not that I’m proud about those little … reaaallly small mood swings). But just so you know, there’s a reason behind Mikaela’s attitude. 

She is me!!! Just because we both love the same softdrink!!!

Mikaela is Ryne’s childhood friend, so I think that was the reason why Ryne was able to throw that angry sentence to Mikaela (see the screenshot about Ryne). Well, they say that the more you’re close to this person and the more you’re comfortable with him/her, you’re able to argue with that person, even with the silliest things. I always like to ship people with their childhood friends, or with the person who doesn’t get along well with them (so I can see many progress about their relationship and see how they go into that “Love Stage” from “Enemy Stage”) that is why if there’s a sequel, a BxG game where I get to choose one girl, it’d be Mikaela Kier!

Tristina Hamilton

The tall girl in pink hair? I never thought her personality is like that… Her personality is a little bit like Mikaela which was really unexpected. I was expecting for a girlish attitude. But this one’s really different… She has this hatred towards guys, and I don’t know why, but I think there’s a reason about that. Right…? There has to be a reason! I hope I’ll get to know about this reason in the sequel, if there’s a sequel.

You’ll never know her attitude from this appearance. Where’s the thoughtful girl that my imagination showed me?!!!

At first, with her appearance, I thought she’s the mature type who handles all things with calm and ease. The type of girl who’d warmly smile while being gentle… But I’m wrong again. She’s a little bit similar to Mikaela, the type of person who’d say “Hurry up, I don’t have all day”, but just read this Visual Novel and you’ll be able to know her other side. Why did she apply as a waitress in Cafe Memoria? You better find out.

But anyway, I still love Mikaela.

Aurelia Alvarez

Oh… another annoying girl… I thought Anna was annoying but Aurelia takes it to a different level! She somewhat irks me!

This curious girl… Everything interests her, and that’s what makes her interesting…?

She calls Ryne by the name of Renee and no matter how many times he says that it’s not his name, she still won’t budge and it irritates me! Still I laughed when Ryne said this in his mind:

Yes Ryne, you should call her Amelia! Get back at her!!!

And she’s super seductive, too! I don’t know if she does that on purpose or what! But Ryne’s getting uncomfortable with the flirting, and I play as Ryne so I’m uncomfortable, too :3 But the main character Ryne is falling for her flirting and… well… I’m not… I’m not falling for it!!!

But is her dense a charm? At least the Ryne in the story says so.

In my opinion, she’s not dense. Just curious… about so many things! Everything interests her, but I think the thing that interests her the most is Ryne, that’s why she’s super attached to him. But if I’m gonna go ship these two … …. No… No way am I shipping these two. Well, maybe, but Aurelia’s at the very bottom of my list, and Mikaela’s on the top :p

And since Aurelia is so curious about so many things, it interests the readers. What is she going to do next? She’s so unreadable that you can’t predict. Another interesting thing… What was she gonna say?

What was she gonna say? Pe- what?

Well, play this Visual Novel to know more about her curiosity. Oh! And one more thing! If you’re gonna rate Aurelia, save your slot first then try to rate her the lowest. You’ll get the JUSTICE!!! You’ll see a different Ryne! And a different Aurelia, too! 😉 After rating her low, I changed my mind about her being an annoying person. Just read this VN to know why. It brings tears to my eyes! 😥

Julia Sakuraba

Now this is the weirdest of all… It seems that our main character has some sort of crush on Julia and that I’ll never know why… (Ryne!!! WHYYyyyy~ What happened to Mikaela? I’m gonna ship you with her!)

With the blood of a moe Japanese crawling in her veins… Who wouldn’t love this glasses moe?

Julia looked like that character who gives you that moe-moe feeling with her long dark hair and glasses. Considering she’s that small girl (small girls are always the cute ones!) This typical look of a moe source… Could it be..? Is that the reason why Ryne feels doki-doki around her? I’m sure it’s about the glasses. She’s the super talented girl when it comes to cooking, you’ll definitely want her as your wifey~ (I am sure Mikaela doesn’t know how to cook). Plus, if you have a thing for glasses, then she’s the right girl for you!

Over all, I love Cafe Memoria. Although in my opinion, I think it’s more of a KN rather than a VN. Although you can change how a waitress’ response (by rating her bad or good), that’s the only choice you can make in this VN to see a different ending. So I think I’m voting that it’s more like a Kinetic Novel rather than a Visual novel?

Nevertheless, it still has that interaction with the readers. Coding the “Rate Me” part must be difficult, and I don’t think I might be able to do that. About the sound, the voice acting is so professional! It makes the characters alive! I also like the music. Three music I like from the gallery are Evening, Casual and Comedy. Although I think Casual and Comedy has the similarities about the tone… (I think they’re the same but just different versions) But anyway I still love them!!! There are also more on the Extras that you have to check out on!

Just a wish. If there’d be a sequel, I hope I can see them all in uniforms and some scenes could take inside their school, since most of the girls are his classmates. It’d look refreshing to me. And also, a more developing story for each girl 😉

And that’s it folks! I hope there’s more in the sequel, and getting to choose one girl and focusing on her, I really hope there’s more to see! thebackup, I’ll be looking forward to the next story!


2 thoughts on “Played Cafe Memoria

  1. Hello, it’s me, thebackup here! Thanks for the lengthy review!

    I had a good chuckle reading through it, it was pretty amusing. ^^ And glad you enjoyed Cafe Memoria! Hope you had a memorable experience. Reading comments and reviews like yours make a Cafe Memoria sequel more likely. 🙂

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    • fakeexistence

      Well there was a little bit of tiny typo errors here and there~ It made me chuckle too, the second time I read it xD Ohhhh~ waiting for the sequel :3


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