Should I create a SoundCloud account…?


Just caught up in a decision making. Should I  create a Sound Cloud account? It’s a site where people usually share their music. If I’m gonna make one, though, I don’t think I can update that account and it might fall into the void of no one to take care of it since there’s a lot of busy things that happened lately.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a composer. I can’t play any musical instrument! But remember my blog post about Music Maker Jam? That’s what made me decide about creating a Sound Cloud account! I recently played with Music Maker Jam and I LOVE IT!!! And I want to share my music with you guys. Although it’s not really a music created out originally by my pair of hands.

Let me tell you the disadvantage of Music Maker Jam. You can’t create music out of nothingness. Why? In Music Maker Jam, you’re presented with sound loops. You then mix and edit this sound loops so you can create an entirely new music out of it!

That’s why if you’ll hear my music, there will be a lot of similarities. Probably because I used the same sound loop over and over again. But hey, I’m proud of the music I made, I wanna share it! 😀

So there! I’ll decide when I should open a Sound Cloud account, maybe after the busy life goes away. 


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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