Curse and Cuss


What’s your opinion about characters who cuss? Would you read a story with words of curses and cusses?

I have a foul mouth, and some friends in real life aren’t comfortable when I cuss. I just thought that this must be the same way between a writer and a reader. Could it be that some people might be uncomfortable when they read a character’s dialogue with the F word on it? Or might other people find it fair to have the character utter a curse when it suits his mood?

It’s not bad to have characters to cuss if it’s really necessary. In the middle of a heated argument, the characters can blurt out vulgar words out of anger. Since that suited the mood, I guess it’s okay. Surely, people might feel uncomfortable.  But then again, you can never please everybody around you.

I realized that I shouldn’t really hold back when it comes to writing with cussing words (not that I’m going to fire a lot of vulgar words into my script). Characters should be alive. And since they live, I shouldn’t hold them back as to what they want to say.

It just feels off when the character tries to cuss out words, but I cut them out. For example, in my first Visual Novel, Raven says “You fuc-!!!” to his archenemy, Jonas. While I really wanted him to say “You fucking bastard!!!, I cut him out. Now, that’s just unfair, don’t you think? Come to think of it, since I cut him off at that time, It could mean “You fuchsia!!!” That’s a type of color… Don’t you think?

See what I mean? It just feels off. It seems unnatural. And it ruins the mood. I just realized that characters should be treated like real living people since they give life to the story. They need to live their life the way they want, and if it includes just a tiny bit of cussing then let them be. They should say what they want to say.

Just an important thing, it’s better to warn the readers about the content before they read. Maybe set an age bracket for the readers? In that way, they won’t get shocked or feel uncomfortable once they read the story.


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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