YESSSS~ Another UPDATE!!! … ugh….


And you are right! It’s about the script again! 🙄 And I know you’re tired of hearing the same script over and over again. I know you are. BUT!!! 😡 This time, I promise you that the script is getting very promising! 😉

I have achieved several endings in my script! I decided that each character should get a good and a bad ending! Here’s the progress so far! 🙂


Lyn’s Ending: None Done

Coreen’s Ending: Good/Bad Ending Done

Ren’s Ending: None Done

Luke’s Ending: Good/Bad Ending Done

And that’s the progress! All in all we have eight endings in total! I’m not adding a Default Ending. Oh well! Just a little bit more and I’ll finish Ren and Lyn! And eat that Dried Mango I’ve been wanting for! 😛


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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