Don’t know how to connect mic…


So I bought a very very cheap mic (that I know won’t last for a month, or maybe a week) that has only one jack for plugging. (The jack has two rings on it, and it’s 3.55mm as said in the description)…. Why I bought such a cheap mic? Because I don’t have money to buy a professional mic, and I’m not really a pro so let’s just start cheap 😀

My laptop has only one hole for plugging jacks (I like to use the word “hole”) and it’s where I usually insert the jack for my earphones…

And of course the problem is… The mic doesn’t work.

My laptop has a built in mic… And its the only thing that works. Not the external mic.

I played with the setting… Typing “Sound” on the Search in my laptop… There’s this “Mic in at front panel” and no matter what I do, it still says “Not Plugged in”. I can disable and enable it… But I can’t set it as a Default Device… And I’ve read advices that says I should set it as default device, but I can’t… The button is “greyed”…

I shall look for more answers on the web, and hopefully, find what I’m looking for… ^^’


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