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So what I’m about to tackle today is my experience from playing a certain “shit game”…. Yes, you heard right… a shit game…. introduced to us by sorani from LemmaSoft. Here’s the link for the original Lemmasoft thread where the download link is mentioned, so you can have your share of the shittiness:

Kusoge on Lemmasoft

But wait! You must think that it’s a crappy game. No. No, I don’t share VNs that I don’t like. This “shit game”, also called as “kusoge” in Japanese term, is a must read (or play) for Visual Novel readers who are otaku to the core! Okay, well, you don’t have to be really an otaku to enjoy this kuso (okay, that’s yuck) but if you’re an anime lover, someone who’s watched a lot of anime, then this is the right visual novel for you!

Everything there is to know about anime especially the cliches: the characters and their cliched personalities, the scenarios that we successfully predict before it happens, it all can be found in Kusoge. It’s a parody, with all anime meme combined.

Now, what I loved from playing Kusoge is that I was able to relate with the jokes. Jokes doesn’t work with people who doesn’t get it, so I’m thinking that if a certain person doesn’t know the cliche of anime (or haven’t watched anime), then they won’t be able to get this VN. But who knows? Maybe you’ll still get a wonderful kuso experience from this VN?

About the story plot, a protagonist from another country transferred to a school in Japan where all random things happened. I think more of it as a story that’s made from a bunch of random ideas that’s put together in a sequence with no really serious story line. Well, that’s the point of this game, I think. It was never made to be serious. If it was serious then it wouldn’t be funny at all.

Let’s get to introducing the characters:


See how the characters’ names are made without being too serious about it at all. Not that I’m saying ‘Protag-kun’ is a bad name. I think it suits the character well (since he’s the protagonist, of course it will suit him). And I’m glad the characters were named with simplicity because I’m not really good at remembering names 😛 or it could be that the writer isn’t good in giving names 😛

Protag-kun is the transfer student from another country and was late on his very first day of school (a cliched scenario where transfer students are always late for school). There’s a lot of types of protagonist: the weak type who wouldn’t intervene in a fight and just watch, or the type of protagonist where he rescues girls from bullies, the gentleman type of protagonist or the pervert type, the type who’s a goody two shoes that will attend classes or the badass that would skip school (and on his very first day, too). All these is Protag-kun, compressed into one. You get to choose what kind of protag-kun you’ll have in your game, to view all different endings!

To the love interests:


Her name also means “class representative”, the innocent, super cute girl with ribbons and all (and with big boobs), one of the love interest that Protag-kun can have. Behind those gentle eyes and cute smile, actually lies someone who’s obsessed in love with Protag-kun to the core. Think of dead eyes. blood, knives and snapped ribbons… Read the VN and see how Iinchou-chan’s love can never surpass anyone. (I like the CG with the true ending for Iinchou-chan).


With the word, Yankee, you might have a hint what her personality is all about: dangerous, cool, someone who doesn’t need to be rescued during fights, and also, an arrogant girl who’d make you as her servant! But despite all that, there’s cheeks blushing, cats, magical girls and hairstyles. What kind of love can a Yankee provide? You’ll know once you read the VN.


A Lenny face… (The best way to reduce programming character sprites’ emotion in this VN…) In every anime, there should be someone supporting the main character. You might ask why his face lacks appeal (or do you think he’s handsome in that way). In my opinion, a main character should be the center of the story (since he’s the main character, of course) and the supporting friend is only there to make him look good (kinda feels sorry for Classmate-kun)… So basically, Classmate-kun’s face is of no importance.

But wait!!! Is Classmate-kun’s face forever be a Lenny? Or will Protag-kun see him in a new light? (He’s one of the love interests after all) … Find out about Classmate-kun’s handsome face as you read his route in this VN!

The character sprites are well done, and I love the CGs, too! Most of them drawn with meme faces especially on Classmate-kun’s route (but I really think they’re most handsome when on meme mode). Also the GUI designs really set the mood! Gives us the kuso feeling~

Although I had problems with the last question… “What is the answer to life?”

But Protag-kun’s bulging vein appeared on his cheek and rejected my answer, thus, ending into a “Game Over” for me…

So I tried to get my answers right…

And even though I went all out with my answers…

My answers were still rejected… So you can guess what happened next… I downloaded the answer to all problems… And maybe the answer to life: The Kusoge Walkthrough.

And well, to the players who keep searching for the answer to life, but are too lazy to download the walkthrough (yeah I feel ya), just drag down to see the texts written in white: All your base are belong to us. The punctuation is also included.

If you’re gonna play this, then I suggest to switch the waifu notes on. An otaku or not, the jokes are on Waifu’s notes… I promise!

Thanks, sorani, for making this game! More power to you and your Visual novels, and have a wonderful kuso day, everyone!~


9 thoughts on “Played Kusoge

    • fakeexistence

      Hi, amap. Try to scroll the walkthrough down. There’s a lot of space at the end of the walkthrough and down there, you’ll see the answer to life. After you type the answer, go back to Main Menu and start the game all over again to unlock all CGs.


    • shiroichi

      I’ve got the answer to the question from.. z04’s blog (i don’t remember if it was a blog or sumthin’ but it was what the game creator told us) :
      All your base are belong to us. (include with the full stop punctuation)

      Liked by 1 person

    • fakeexistence

      I don’t know which ending you didn’t get… Are you referring to the last question in the end? About “the answer to life”? I shared a link to the forum of Kusoge in Lemmasoft and you can download the Walkthrough there. After you answer the last question, you should click the “Start” button again to get all CGs and some endings 🙂 I hope this helps~


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