Title Undecided for my new VN…


So I already dropped my Mythical Creatures because it’s really too much for me to handle. I’m trying this new idea that popped into my mind. I can’t still decide on a title. What’s more important is I have to make a solid backstory for each characters before deciding on a title…

Other Title Ideas:

      Twisted Deep Inside

       My Yandere Boyfriend

My Twisted Love Story

My Twisted Boyfriend

Story Plot:

A two-goody shoes girl named Mio enters high school with her best friend, Haruhi. Being a well disciplined student who is known as someone who tops the class with remarkable grades and a pretty face, too, Mio thinks her high school life would go smoothly well.


Until she saw a shy classmate who killed a cat in the park with a kitchen knife…

A cheerful classmate who resorts to bullying…

And a quiet classmate who stalks her best friend…


The start of her twisted high school life.

I apologize for not posting anything for so long. My blog schedule is affected by various reasons, including school activities. I’ll try to follow my WordPress schedule as best as I can, and update my visual novels.


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