I didn’t know that in making movies, commercials, series, films etc, actors and actresses have to dub over their characters to produce that good quality voice.

As a requirement for our course, we need to learn more about editing sounds, films… and one of the things that caught my attention is the art of dubbing. I’m interested in voice acting and dubbing is relevant in my dream of being a voice actor.

A lot of American movies are being dubbed in our country’s language and are aired in our local channels, and more countries are doing the same. I’ve always dreamed of being a voice actor and dubbing an anime series, but for now, maybe I’ll try to voice act one of my characters in my visual novel.

In my visit to the Wildsound studio, my classmates and I were given the chance to do some dubbing. “Crowd dubbing”, the term they use when they need to dub scenes that involves crowd or huge amount of people. Me and my friends had our chance to live our dreams even though it was short-lived. 

Or maybe to prevent it from being “short-lived”, I guess we’ll just have to try harder and make it real.


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