I’m not dead yet. And so is this blog.



I am here, writing a post, just to inform you guys (or to my invisible readers who cares Q.Q) that I’m still alive. I made it through 2016. I wasn’t involved in any accident, or murdered, or committed suicide. I was just plainly busy. Busy ruining my life over some MMORPG. Addiction is really the worst, whatever kind of addiction it is.

I have spent many times playing MMORPG. Treated it as my other life. Imagined myself as the character inside the game. I treated it real, focused on it, I was serious about it. Neglected my real life before me. Pulling up an all nighter. Staying up late. Waking up late. Grades crashing down. I am crashing down. Neglecting my health. Skipping meals. Skipping sleep. Thrifty when it comes to important things. Spending money when it comes to MMORPG.

. . .

To make it short, MMORPG ruined my life.

Nah, rephrasing it.

I ruined my life. I am screwed up… I screwed up… So screwed.. so screwed… 

It’s time to get my life back from all the ruins.

Make the effort ten-fold. Get back to the healthy lifestyle. Get back to where it used to be. Discipline yourself. Play the game in moderation. Get a life. Be a human being, FOR HUMANITY’S SAKE, be a human being!

It’s time to make your real life the game itself. And level up! Be on top! And win the game!



7 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet. And so is this blog.

    • fakeexistence

      Ah yeah, me too! I have tons of lives! I mean… I get revived in town when the boss kills me in battle… … .. Yeah (o.o )v


  1. Hi! I guess this is the first blog that I’ll follow just because I think it’s cool and I like your language. You’re so down to earth and I think I like the things you like (more or less) so Hi! Happy resurrection! I also resurrected from the dead lol

    Liked by 1 person

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