Yeah, I Know. I’m a Lonely Blogger.


I know I haven’t been posting. And I’m just surprised that I’m still gathering Visitors and Views. 

Sometimes I think that they’re just computer bots who aimlessly wander and accidentally got lost in my blog (Is this even possible?)… And there are times that people do comment, so I guess some people, breathing and alive, aimlessly wander and accidentally got lost in my blog. 

One of the posts that gathered people is about the PUP Voucher. That voucher is a necessity for our enrollment in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, here, in the Philippines. -_-  Of course why do I even bother to say twice.

Yes, it’s a necessity for our enrollment in the university and I repeated myself again. I’m assuming that most of the people that got lost in my blog are students from the same university (Hi there~ OwO) that encountered the same problem that I had encounter: not being able to print my voucher on time. It makes me glad that I helped people solve their problem too.

Another post that gathered views is about the Kusoge, searching for walkthroughs of the game 😀 I didn’t share a link of the walkthrough itself, but I did share z04’s Lemmasoft forum link, and the walkthrough is there. People just gotta go there and get it themselves (o.0 )9 

Anyways, has anyone reading this, if there is anyone reading this, wonder what’s the connection of this nonsense post with its title?

Yeah, I know. I’m a lonely blogger. 

Lonely Blogger XD

It’s because someone’s been searching about some lonely blogger 😀 I know that letter ‘f’ should have been letter ‘r’. I mean, F and R are neighbors in your keyboards.

And so this visitor visited my blog because he’s been searching for some lonely blogger. :/ Totally cool, I don’t know why you’re searching for some loneliness, dear visitor, but … well… you found me now XD

Actually, I wasn’t that lonely anymore now that I’ve been able to help people on what they’re looking for, be it in real life and in the Visual Novel world. I’m actually glad that I can help them.

And also, I actually don’t know why I named my introduction page as The Lonely Blogger. When I search in Google, there are tons of bloggers who name their introductions page as “Lonely Blogger”, like, come on, so cliche! Time to change my introductions page title, and maybe call it… “The Happy Blogger” XD


2 thoughts on “Yeah, I Know. I’m a Lonely Blogger.

    • fakeexistence

      XD You’re free to aimlessly wander here, and good to see progress on your VN!~ (my VN is like a stagnant water, lol no progress XD)

      Liked by 1 person

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