I NEED that drawing tablet!


It’s been a while since I’ve been drawing digital art. It’s a bit difficult to draw with a mouse on Paint Tool SAI. First, I’d draw it with a pencil on paper, then take a snap of it and transfer it to my laptop. There, I’d work with my magic, tracing it with a mouse on Paint Tool SAI and give more life to it  (coloring, shading etc.) 

It’s a bit easy. I’ve learned this technique and has been doing it ever since. But the disadvantages of course, is that it’s time consuming. And I always felt it’s not my hand who did the work. It didn’t feel like I draw it. 

So when I learned from a newfound friend (the stranger who I just talked with casually one day and we soon became friends) that she had bought her drawing tablet from Lazada which costs a mere 2000 php, I was shocked! Because I thought the cheapest drawing tablet you could get is for 5ooo php.

I already have the money with me! I even saw that the price dropped from 2000 to 1, 600 php! That means I’d save more money!

Trouble is, I really don’t know how a drawing tablet works! :O Do I have to connect it with a laptop for it to work?! It seems it only works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. My laptop is on its version 10, but one of the reviews said it does work with Windows 10. So I am guessing it needs to be connected to a computer for it to work!

The name of the drawing tablet I’m eyeing is Genius Easy Pen i405 found in Lazada’s website. I’m currently panicking out D: I really want/NEED one but even with the good reviews, I’m just scared about:

– getting damaged/incomplete product

– paying additional delivery fee that I can’t pay (lol)

– won’t get satisfied of the product no matter how good the reviews are

Imagine me getting a drawing tablet. This would make it easier to draw character sprites and backgrounds for my Visual Novel! _)9 

It’s going to be my first time ordering something online, and with the recent reviews about the delivery team, I don’t think their delivery services are very good. Maybe I should just risk it?… Risking is a part of life after all.


4 thoughts on “I NEED that drawing tablet!

  1. I’ve been dealing using similar method as you do, drawing on paper and scanned into for tracing with Krita. If there is a problem with Windows 10, you can try to set it to a compatible mode in the settings. Do they provide a refund or replacement for delivering damage products? Well, just take the risk anyway. I don’t know about your country laws but my area charges 6% GST for each delivery. Can’t help you with your last concern 😛 Get yourself used to it for a few weeks and probably it will become a second skin to you.

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    • fakeexistence

      Wow~ I never knew you used mouse! You’re artworks are really good too, but as for me, I thought I could draw better with a drawing tablet (which now I know, is not true). It all has to do with skills.

      As for that drawing tablet, it just got delivered today, and I couldn’t even draw a straight line with it! It’s all jagged and curvy and not smooth. I don’t know if something’s wrong with the setting, or if I should just get used to it.

      It works well with my laptop, and there were no additional fee charged, but this was not what I expecting >____< I’ll maybe play more with the settings.

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    • Get used to it is the proper option, I think. There should be more than one reason why there is a straight line tool included in each painting software 😀 Maybe you can try using it to trace and see how well you do. It’s like drawing with a HB pencil, a blunt pencil, calligraphy pen, and an inking pen and they all return in different results and difficulty of use. Stylus is one of them.

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