Ren’Py 6.99.11 Released! And it’s awesome!


Thanks to Deviant Art, I found out that there’s a new update from Ren’Py, an app for creating Visual Novels. (And by the way, if you want to check out my two or 3 drawings in my Deviant Art, you’re free to do so! Don’t worry, it opens a new tab when you click the link 😀 )

So! What’s with the latest Ren’Py? Nothing much, it just got… only MORE AWESOME than it already is! Biggest change was the GUI (Graphical User Interface)! Well, I had a really outdated Ren’Py version 6.99.3. And so I’m overjoyed to find such a great update from Ren’Py! Let’s see the difference of the old and the now!

Raven Main Menu


Main Menu


From my newbie VN Raven, the main menu looks like this picture on the left. All buttons are placed in the lower right corner of the screen.

Meanwhile, the latest update looks like the picture on the right, where all buttons are on one side and there’s already a title below the game screen. The look is refreshing, and now, I’m wondering why I had to make up my own font in writing the Raven title. . . . My lousy art.

More changes in the look of the buttons in the Preferences!

Raven Pref



The first picture shows the preferences of the newbie Raven while the second picture shows the Preference of the latest Ren’Py update. All buttons take up more space of the screen and are placed evenly, unlike the first picture where all buttons are placed too close together, it looks suffocating! :O 

And I’m just babbling, you know that? Aaaaand of course the now stylish textbox!

Raven Textbox

Neat GUI


Look at the old Ren’Py’s  black text box on the first picture. So bland and simple and….   ._. Well, it does look nice, but just too… bland. (Gosh, no other words for bland?)

So now, with the new textbox on the second picture, it looks really awesome! It’s got more style, and the text doesn’t take up the whole length of the screen. this is pretty neat! Also, the text box fades its color on both ends, so there’s a clearer view of the background picture.

Looking back at my newbie VN… … I feel I should do more effort on drawing. I mean.. Look at that kid’s drawing x_x!

Now! Here comes the links! There’s the link where you can download the latest Ren’Py version 6.99.11. There’s also some changes needed to be done to update your game by adding codes to your script which you can found here

Also, there’s the link where you can read more about the full list of changes to Ren’Py because they didn’t just change the GUI, they also changed a lot more (but I’m not going to discuss that because…. Well, because you can just read it from there! >o<)

So basically, I’m just letting any imaginary reader that’s reading this about Ren’Py’s latest update and how much I love it (>U<)/ which means I just want you to read all my babbling! That’s all, my dear imaginary reader and happy reading!




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