But Then Again I Won’t


Today I shall share an embarrassing poem that I made a hundred years ago. I don’t know when I wrote this, but the only thing I can remember from this is that I wrote it for a homework or for some school requirement. Our teacher gave us this poem written by our teacher himself, in which we should write a reply in any form (essay, story, poem etc) and so for whatever reason, knowing that I’m not good in writing poem, I decided to go with poem with the title: “But Then Again, I Won’t”.

The poem written by our teacher is entitled as “neoceno RiVer” posted from his Blogspot Meathodically Speaking. We shall hide my teacher’s identity by the name of Sir Rene Laurente Reyes. That’s a hard name to come up with. Also, his name in his blog is “arelijar”.

What’s odd about his poem’s title is the odd way of capitalizing the letters “R” and “V” so I’m hinting that the title is taken from a name but jumbled, and the “RV” is the initial. For the sake of having a copy in case he deletes his whole blog or deletes the page (because I searched frantically for the poem, thinking it was lost forever) and for the sake of you, my imaginary reader, to avoid clicking the link so you won’t need to go to the trouble of clicking the link and loading page just to read the original poem (sounds like a good excuse), I’ll be posting his poem here (and I’m giving disclaimer I DO NOT OWN HIS POEM w/e and giving credits).


neoceno RiVer

written by arelijar a.k.a Rene Laurente Reyes


I wish I didn’t have this crush on you.

I don’t want it anymore.

But I do.

I wish I had looked into your eyes when we were just inches

apart, our heads bowed together, our fingers almost

touching over some project I was showing you.

I wanted to kiss you then to surprise you while

you entice me with your stirring words of wisdome and gentleness.

Your thoughts connect with mine, touching my heart with inexplicable passion.

But I didn’t.

I wish I had crawled into your lap every single time

you sat down on that stationary table

Zephyrus- I would fit so perfectly against you.

 I wanted my lips to graze against your ear while I

whisper all the things I would do with you.

But I didn’t.

I wish I had pushed you up against the wall and kissed you

hard when you smiled at me

one time we caught each other climbing the stairs.

I wanted to know what it was like to have your arms around me,

even just for a minute. I wanted to

think what it would be like if you were always there for me.

But I didn’t.

I wish I gratified when

you invited me to your place.

I wanted to slip my hands under your

distinctive raiment

and feel your skin. The people around would have made us rush,

but it would not have mattered to me,

I would finally have had a chance to taste you.

But I didn’t.

I wish in a selfish way that you were mine

even just for a few moments.

But you aren’t.

Most of all, I wish I didn’t share my secret

self with you, knowing

it made no difference at all.

But I did.

But Then Again, I Won’t

(written as a response to neoceno RiVer)


I am grateful to know

You love me, too

I want to fall in love

But I won’t


I don’t want to look away

When my eyes met yours

I could feel your slow breathing

To me, you were so close

I could feel the excitement lingers

As we almost touch each others fingers

As I deliver my words to you

I just might be kissed, it’s true

I don’t want to ignore your affection

This loving kiss of seal

But then again, I will


I don’t want to walk away

Far of a distance from your presence

On my stationary table, you carefully watch

As I sit, my nervous knees shakily bends

My words were never spoken aloud

Your desires were never whispered in the crowd

I don’t want to avoid your voice

This feeling from hearing

Your melody is real

But then again, I will


I don’t want to pull away

As you push in this temptation

Stiff! It’s hard to smile

You look away as I caught your eye

It’s hard as we walk in two

Or as I take the stairs with you

I don’t want to leave your love

This passion that we feel

But then again, I will


I don’t want to wander away

From thinking about us, alone

Imagining the way you hold me

As I shake from skin to bone

I don’t want to think of silly thoughts

Of what in our lives this love had brought

Of what the people around us would say

Of what the punishment and price we’ll pay

I don’t want to change my mind

Now that love strongly stood still

But then again, I will


And every night and day

I dream of you to say

“I love you”, to love me back

And in the end, you did!


Still I want to let you know

Only with you, my true love grows

I really want to fall in love

But then again, I won’t


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