More Music Genre in Music Maker Jam!


It’s been a while since I’ve created another sound track using Music Maker Jam. From one of my previous blog posts, I told that one of MMJ’s disadvantage is that you can’t create music out of nothingness. Instead, you have to do mix with MMJ’s sound loops to create a whole sound track.

When I downloaded MMJ for the first time, they’ll give you one random genre, say the Dubstep genre. Then there are three more free slots to fill with other genres. Having your freedom to choose whatever genre you want, there are more than 150 genres you can choose from the list. So all in all, with a free account, you can have 4 genres. For example, with a free Dubstep genre, I chose Reggae, HipHop, and Smooth Piano to fill in the other three slots.

Each genre have their list of sound loops, so you’re able to mix different sound loops from different genres to make music. From what I can see, the disadvantage is when the users of MMJ choose the same genre and the same sound loops for their music, making it seemed cliche. Like, when I listen to this one artist who uses MMJ for his music and then I admit it’s good. Then I listen to another artist who also uses MMJ for his music and then I hear it’s somehow the same. What the heck?

I don’t know if people knows they can change the sound loop’s original tone in MMJ. When you change the tone, it changes the sound completely, so you can avoid having your sound similar to other artists who also use the same genre and sound loops.

That’s why each genre has its own price for purchase. So people can have more slots for more genre since MMJ is limited to only 4 slots. After one month, you can remove the three chosen genres (Reggae, Hiphop and Smooth Piano) and change them to other genres (if you ever got tired of using them). The Dubstep is stuck there till time ends so you can’t ever change it.

But this time, as I reinstalled MMJ again after having my laptop reformat, I see they added more free songs in which you can activate for use.


In my case, my free genre that is stuck with me forever is Dubstep. My other three slots are Smooth Piano, Liquid Drum and Bass, and Melodic House. MMJ added Valentunes, XMas Jam, Holiday Beats and House to their free genres. Talk about being generous.

Those four added free genres can’t be exchanged into another genre and unlike Dubstep, you can completely remove those new free genres from your music style. But why would you do that?

With more genres added, I might get back to creating music again! Let’s see if I can add more tracks to my new SoundCloud account. Because for some reason, I can’t access my older account. 

More MMJ music genre, more background music for Ren’Py projects!~


5 thoughts on “More Music Genre in Music Maker Jam!

  1. travelandexperience2017

    if you try music maker but the proper one not the applicaton you can do music in more serious ways 🙂 you can also change filter stereo effects etc while in application the range of that is really tight 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t actually know much about other music makers besides their apps. What did you mean by not using the application? O.o? Thanks for sharing your thoughts, by the way~ 🙂


  2. So that’s why your SoundCloud uploads were more recent… I installed MMJ as you suggested and try it out on my android phone. Still trying to get familiar with it though it drains the battery quite fast while dabbling about. I should have install it on the laptop instead.

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    • fakeexistence

      At first I’v installed it in both phone and laptop just so I could merge more music genres XD but they added more now, so it’s much better~ Good luck with MMJ~ It’s really fun to make music with 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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