Why wait?


via Daily Prompt: Waiting


Why wait?

Why wait for things to be better? When you can make things better.

Why  wait for help? When you can make it on your own.

Why wait for someone to give it to you? When you can get it yourself.

Why wait for people to take action? When it can be you who makes the first change and make the people follow.

Why wait for others to come to you? When you can do the first approach.

Why wait for something to change? When you can change it now.

Believe that you can improve things. Believe that you can make it with your own abilities. Believe that you can gain what you want to attain. You can influence others. You can be more expressive and outgoing. You can adapt to change.

It doesn’t have to be later. Why wait for a few more ‘later’? When you can bring out the best of you right now.


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