Are VN collaborations neat?


I just recently thought about the idea of making a collaboration with someone for the sake of creating Visual Novels. I’m not a professional VN creator. My drawing skills needs more honing, I’m not a good writer of stories (even coming up with ideas is difficult for me) and I only know basic coding (and when I say ‘basic’, it means 1% knowledge on coding).

I’m a bit nervous when working with someone, as they might not be satisfied with my work, or that they might not like my work/service, that’s why I thought of working with other newbies, so we can both grow up and be able to work in the same pace.

Remembering my goals page, I wanted to work with other VN creator but newbies. And Christmas is coming up, I at least wanted to create a Christmas themed VN.

Do you think working with others for creating VNs is neat?


4 thoughts on “Are VN collaborations neat?

  1. I always thought collaboration was a neat idea and a great way to gain ideas from or learning something new. Regardless, there will have those drawbacks haunting it. For that, it depends on who you cooperate and how much work can be done from it. Sometimes, even a newbie(including me) may not live up to your expectation.

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    • fakeexistence

      Aww 😦 All newbies might have that thought: “What if I’m not as good as they thought I would be? 😥 ” I also think of that >___< I think it’s better to form a friendship first (*o*)/ and get to know each other >///< (LOL sounds cheesy XD) so the group working on the VN has this friendly atmosphere going. Expectations can’t be avoided. Maybe what I’m after is a friendly atmosphere with people who I work with. And acceptance. Of my poor skills. T^T Lemmasoft has threads looking for people to work with but the atmosphere there is that of a pro >____> But I might as well try those threads 😀

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    • Oh, speaking of Lemmasoft, that reminds me, I need to update my post … someday 😦 I thought I remember I read “the road less traveled” when I was a school kid. Well, in short, step out of the comfortable zone and embrace the unknown without doubt or something like that. So, newbies like us should slap ourselves(metaphorically speaking) from having that thought.

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    • fakeexistence

      XD Lemmasoft will play a big role since it’s one of the ways to advertise ren’py made Visual Novels, so I always try to be active, or else, they’ll think the VN you made a thread about is not active anymore :’O I’m ready to leave the comfort zone and also, ready to get slapped D’: Why am I being so lame today lol XD

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