I am ready to make another VN!


So! I was focused on two things: thesis and MMORPG. But! My phone won’t cooperate when I play! It shuts down on me, even though it’s plugged in and with a 100% battery. And playing with a phone like this will cause me insanity! That’s why I decided to go on a hiatus from this MMORPG.

So! What next? I am going to focus on two things: thesis and VN. But! Maybe mostly on thesis. I just use the other one for my avoidance huehue~ Since I need something to do to avoid stress or take a break from something.

This VN I’ll be working on is an idea I have come up a long time ago. I’m still thinking up of a title, but I can’t think of anything good! 😦 Maybe someone can help :O Here’s a bit of the story’s description which I posted long ago:

“Mio enters high school with her best friend, Haruhi. Being a well disciplined student who is known as someone who tops the class with her remarkable grades and a pretty face, Mio thinks her high school life would go smoothly.

Until she saw a shy classmate who killed a cat in the park with a kitchen knife…

A cheerful and kind classmate who resorts to bullying…

And a quiet, cool classmate who stalks her best friend…

The start of her twisted high school life.”

It’s going to be a GxB (Girl pursues Boy) or Otome type. I haven’t worked on the script yet, but I have the background story of the three boys, which I won’t be posting since that will be a spoiler already. The three date-able guys in the story have their pasts intertwined, which affected their personalities.

What I’m having trouble on writing are some specific scenes in the story:

1. The confrontation – The three guys don’t know each other’s pasts and how they are connected with each other. So I have to write a scenario where they find out each other’s stories. I always think that this confrontation part will be a scene where Mio’s life is in danger. I don’t know what and why and how, but we all like drama and action! (o__o)/

2. Mio’s twisted personality – The three guys have their secret personalities, and Mio doesn’t? I’m done with the three guys’ stories, but I haven’t worked too much on Mio yet.

3. Haruhi’s background story – Because I don’t want her to be just a foil character for Mio. She’s a best friend of Mio, but of course, she should play an important role, too (right now, I can’t think of anything for her to do 😦 )

4. The conflict – There should be a conflict that would lead to the confrontation. I also have no idea what the conflict should be x)

As of now I have been working on the label points and the flow of the story. I’m at day 4 in the story and each day, there will be questions to distribute points for ever date-able character. It should be now close to the confrontation, but I still have no conflict, so I’m having writer’s block 😀

I’ll update this as soon as I can.


8 thoughts on “I am ready to make another VN!

  1. When it comes to a VN that has conflict and terrible endings, I’ll look up on the walkthrough to avoid it 😛 Anyway, I assume one of them is a “Yandere”? If so, I can assume the conflict won’t end up pretty. Someone might have to die for his love to reach her and that someone will be the other 2 boys to be the victim. How will she react to this if she finds out? If that’s not the case, maybe a conflict between Haruhi and Mio for reasons. One cliche reason is both having the same love interest. If Mio is secretly a psychopath, would she not kill her best friend Haruhi instead? Otherwise, there could be a fight with or near a dangerous object risking the life of Mio as both have their reasons to choose over the same guy or the reasons both of them did not actually treat each other well before. Think of plot twist and of course, breaking the forth wall only if necessary. Meanwhile, I’m just rambling about without knowing the details 😀

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    • fakeexistence

      Actually, none of them is a yandere XD All of them are good guys (o____o)/ I considered the previous title to have the word “yandere” in it, but realizing the whole story, no one was really killed >___> However! Your ideas are so good! Are you prepared to be credited if I ever use your ideas? Wanna make a collab? B-but I’m not so sure this story plot is even good! D’: And have I told you I’m a shy and awkward person? >////< XD

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    • You can credit me if you want to. If the ideas from my blog, it’s no longer an option – credits a must! 😀 I don’t mind if we collab, but what will you suggest to communicate? I don’t supposed you told me that you are, and we won’t be meeting in person or video call anyway. Either way, if I am to meet a stranger, I usually am as quiet as in a library. So, go figure!

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    • fakeexistence

      Yay! So we’ll be both quiet and awkward XD

      Okay, so let’s try out a collaboration 😀 I just think it’s fun, and has a lot of advantages for me because:
      1. Working with someone would get me more into it, because there will be someone to remind me I have to finish this, someone’s looking forward to progress I make on my part, no more procrastination >O< So more chances of creating a VN fast and successfully
      2. I’ll be able to test out my skills and improve how I work with others (0__0)9
      3. I can now reach another goal since working on a VN with someone is listed on my “Goals” page 😀
      4. I can’t think of any more advantage but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from working with someone 😀 for sure

      Some disadvantages, cos if there’s the positive side, there’s always the negative part 0__0
      1. Time. I don’t know if you’re still studying or working already, but I’m still on college and you know how college is 😥
      2. My skills are not as better as the others and I’m still limited to what I can do. A-are you ready to accept the real me? (XD what is it with my lame lines)

      Also, we’ll have to discuss what story we’ll work on. Would it be okay to work on my idea already? Or would it be better to work on a new different idea than Mio’s story? Work on your idea perhaps?

      And our roles to play. I can tell you’re a better writer than me 😀 But you draw great too, I can’t even draw backgrounds XD So it’ll be questions like:
      Who’s going to be the writer? The artist? The programmer?

      About the way to communicate, I’d suggest Facebook because I’m always online there 😀 Unless we ran out of our limited internet. It’ll be a good way to communicate, since you can upload files too, and if you have a different Facebook account for the sake of Visual novels although I only have my personal account .___.

      For a less personal way of communication, maybe gmail is a good way to communicate, too. You can attach files there, or maybe mail via Lemmasoft, or DeviantArt, I see you’ve made a Deviantart account 😀 That’s mostly all the sites I always check everyday.

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    • I do thought of time as a problem. If you are not rushing to complete with a specific time like the professional business does, we’ll be fine. I’m studying as well.
      It’s better to work on your idea since I need to save my sanity to work on mine.
      I prefer to take the programmer’s task(cause I am an IT w/co Robotics & AI student? Is that a good reason? No? Maybe because I am too lazy to draw from scratch 😛 ) but I can help you fix the art if you want to. Of course, as we stated about time, if I am not able to fix it on schedule, I won’t add it to the code and directly upload you the fixed design. Inconsistent art might hurt someone 😀
      As for writing, I’ll just proofread instead – or brainstorm some ideas when need be.

      I’m not going to throw in the “We are Just Human” speech. Of course I’ll accept! 😀

      I only have my personal Facebook as well. So, we’ll do that.

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    • fakeexistence

      It’s okay if progress is slow in making the Visual Novel, it’s not like we’ll focus solely on creating VNs, we have a life out there, somewhere XD

      Well then, if we could work on my idea, that’s good too! I really want this idea turn to VN to see the light of day. It’s not the best idea or might not even a good story. What I’m trying to achieve is an otome game, and I have worked on the background stories, but not the actual stories yet. I would like you to brainstorm with me, and so, you won’t only be credited as a Programmer because you made a big impact on the base of the story, too. Your ideas are good!

      Since this is my first time working with someone, I don’t know how we’ll do things. Is it going to be like, I’ll be writing the script and then sending the script to you so you can code it to Ren’Py? Like, are you going to work on the labels and points and stuff? Or just the code for GUI or something?

      So far, what I have on my side are only the ideas, and there’s not much of a solid story, but we can brainstorm. I can send you what I have in mind via Facebook, would you send a link here to your Facebook account or your name on Facebook, so I can add and stalk you there? XD Just kidding, I’m a normal person, please believe me 😥

      Or would you rather send your FB link/name to my email: faistence_vn@yahoo.com
      Because the comments are public 😀

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    • Sent an e-mail 😀 The subject should be obvious … or at least I hoped.

      I’ll work on the code based on where you want to assign me. Since Ren’Py have now a different GUI and codes, it’ll take me time to learn what I need to do unless you are intending to use the legacy ones(script.rpy remains the same regardless of what you choose). I don’t mind either way since I can learn something new rather than running in circles.

      What you can do is to send me the script and the artwork you want to be in the story so I can get what I need to code. As to how you want it to be done, we can discuss in FB. Feel like a boss now? 😀

      We can discuss how we share the work as we progress. It’ll be easier to keep track, or a least what I thought it would be.

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    • fakeexistence

      Whaaa I don’t want to feel like a boss XD I would prefer the mood to be lighter and not that serious or businesslike. This should be fun (o___o)/ Also, it’s clear you’re my “senpai” here XD See ya on FB then (OuO)/

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