Working on Yuki’s Sprites!


Right now, I tried to work on Yuki’s sprite and here’s what I came up:


Yuki – A very shy boy who easily blushes at the smallest things. When he sees knives, blood and other scary stuff, he covers his face with his hands. He cries easily when someone scares him or pulls a prank on him. He likes cute stuff and is also an animal lover.

This is just a reference and might still change in the future, so I won’t be working on the different emotions. ALSO. Remind me to change the colors of the eyebrows and eyelashes a bit .___. it’s kinda unnatural to have it black, or would it suit that way.

Also the hands bother me o___o Doesn’t look quite good x__x


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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