Changing the Main Menu After An Ending (Ren’Py)



Changing the main menu is easy! First assign a persistent. For instance:
Choose a different menu


Sparkly menu“:

$ persistent.end = “Menu 1

jump ending_1

Weird menu“:

$ persistent.end = “Menu 2

jump ending_2

Now that the dialogue scripting is out of the way, we move to the more technical part of the script. Change the default “screen main_menu:” to conditional ‘if … else’ statement to connect with the choice made.

Copy the assigned flags to the statement such as below:

screen main_menu:

tag menu

if persistent.end == “Menu 1“:

use the_first_menu

elif persistent.end == “Menu 2“:

use the_second_menu


use default_menu

The “==” is a relational operator to tell if the two operands to return true or false value. It is required whenever we use any conditional statement.


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