Fresh March


Wow! How many months had passed before this new blog post that I’m posting out of the blue?! What a lousy blogger  I am. And here I am showing up for no good reason. Not because of an update about the visual novel I’m working, not because of a review about a visual novel I played, but just because I feel like it. Shame on me! 😥

But it’s my own blog so you’ll just have to live with the fact that you are now reading a post written by a louse blogger. Or if anyone’s reading this, like, come on. All I get are views about the Kusoge visual novel review that I wrote once upon a time. Those were people searching for the walk through about the answer to the last question in the game, they weren’t really interested with my review. XD So who knows if someone’s really reading this?

I’ve been to some writing online seminar and they discussed about blogging. How to get a lot of followers, readers, etc. and I’ve been thinking how different I blog from those successful bloggers/writers who spoke at the seminar. I’ve been neglecting my blog, not really taking care of it, as well as my visual novel ideas (and neglecting the NaNoRenO event)! It’s just too different! No wonder why my blog isn’t a success or why I don’t have any readers.

But anyways, I didn’t really blog to get a lot of views or likes or comments. Heck, I didn’t even know there were Stats to look at to see the most popular posts you’ve written. Looking back, I started blogging just to keep a diary of how I make visual novels – troubles I encountered, problems that I solved, ideas that I made. And also how I played visual novels – my thoughts, my rants, my praises. And so why not make this blog a private one (you can lock a WordPress blog and make it private from the rest of the world)? Because I thought to myself, someone out there could relate to my experiences, and I might make a new friend! 😉

So screw it whatever if this blog is not popular or if I’m too busy to write another post or if I don’t feel like posting. But the fact that I find less time for creating visual novels, and also playing some, is scary. I’m scared that if I don’t find time for my hobby, I won’t find time for me. Screw those to-do lists. They don’t help me if I don’t make them happen. Screw those rewards that I promised to give myself once I’ve finished a task from my to-do list. I keep rewarding myself anyways even when I don’t do anything productive. In short,  I have lost the discipline for time management. Is my life really that busy? Or is it just that I refuse to find time for my hobbies. I mean, I could’ve stayed up  ’till 3 a.m. to do visual novels instead of sleeping, right?

And now, here is March! I still haven’t worked on my visual novel and I haven’t played any new ones! And with my plans to continue my current visual novel (more importantly, join the NaNoRenO event) comes the plan to do this blog a complete make-over! From the name of the blog to its logo to its appearance ,it’s going to be a whole new blog! I made a some goals list or dream list of the things I want to achieve:

  1. Change the name of the blog site
  2. Make a logo for the blog
  3. A whole new appearance or theme of the blog

And since I don’t really follow a neat schedule for myself, I’ll just take it slow. I won’t promise myself anything or pressure myself into deadlines (except NaNoRenO), but I’ll just have fun with my blog. This will be my fresh start as a free blogger! I write my own blog!


2 thoughts on “Fresh March

  1. Kudos for trying 😀 Maybe… The secret to being busy is to do other things that mostly irrelevant and sit at a corner thinking what to do with life. If you turn hobby into some kind of routine job, you probably lost it. Maybe you should find the “FUN” in it? Good luck on your fresh start on anything at all!

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    • fakeexistence

      Thanks for reading and March is already ending in just a few days! I’m glad that I’ve done something productive like making a NaNoRenO visual novel even though I haven’t posted anything on the blog. Internet is being mean, sometimes.

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