NaNoRenO 2017 – First Participation


For us visual novel creators (me as an amateur visual novel creator), there is this one event that we participate: NaNoRenO.

NaNoRenO is inspired by the famous event NaNoWriMo or the National Novelist Writer’s Month. In NaNoWriMo, writers make a novel within just one month which is held in November. Although, I don’t know what NaNoRenO really stand out for. Anyone knows?

Anyways, in our case, NaNoRenO is an event where visual novel creators make visual novels from  March 1 and need to finish their works by the end of the month. It’s quite a challenge, since there’s the school, the chores, the laundry, but it’s fun being busy and pressuring yourself to finish a visual novel within just a month. What’s not fun is when you neglect other hobbies, like playing your favorite MMORPG or watching anime, or when you’re too busy you forget to reply to your loved one and friends. But they’re all very supportive about this bullshit that I’m doing so it’s fine and all! 

So what do I get from participating in this event? Pressure, stress, lack of sleep, tiredness, tears and fun! There is no prize since it’s not even a contest. Maybe it would feel great when you make a visual novel and it came out beautifully done like you’ve spent a lot of time on it to make it look this great, but it’s tagged as NaNoRenO, and the readers are all like “Oh! You made it within just a month! How amazing! I don’t believe you!”, that kind of response, of course which I won’t be getting XD because I’ll maybe using a lot of creative commons found in the vast, wide internet, so it would probably look like it was forced to be completed within this month.

And this year, 2017, it’s going to be my very first participation for the NaNoRenO event! I know it’s a bit late to post and it’s March 22 right now, and I haven’t even made a title for it! Here’s the description of the story:

A boy named Luke secretly sneaked out of the house to play, but he stumbles upon a lake. There, he meets a mysterious girl who asks him to play with her. As a child, Luke knows it’s bad to lie, and he’s been told by his parents not to talk to strangers. His fate depends on what he chooses, if he’ll abide by his parents’ rules, or if he’ll bend it, just a bit.


I’ll post to Lemmasoft after I make up my mind about the title, since I have some few titles in my mind. The visual novel will be having six endings, with just 5 CGs for the other endings, with five characters in total but I’ll only be making one character sprite. But I might make more if I have the time. It’s going to be short, and the genre will be Fantasy or Folklore (if that’s even a genre). I only started making the visual novel on March 15, so as you can see, I am so soo SOOO late! I’m falling behind schedule, so I gotta hurry! Pressure! Pressure me more!


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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