Starting anew – Catlip Candy


As you can see, I’m still very much awake even though it’s 5am in the morning, seriously, what the heck is wrong with me?!!!

Anyways, what I wanted to tell, is that I’m no longer FaistenceVN. I have changed my blog’s URL or the address to “catlipcandy”. Sounds cute, huh? What’s not cute is that all my blog posts links have been erased to its existence. I expected it though. Think of it like me, starting all over again. This is what I call my “fresh start”!

Catlip Candy. How cute. Where did I even get this “catlipcandy” from? First of all, I love nekos. Second, I try to think what cats like the most besides boxes and belly rubs and other stuff. Catnip. They definitely love catnips. The word “lip” is because I wanted to put a kawaii neko lip on my logo. Like, you know how cats have this emoticon: :3

And the “candy” word, I need it for my logo, too.

But why did I even change the blog’s URL address? It’s because I’m stubborn for no real reason. I just wanted to change it because I didn’t like it. Maybe because how random I named my blog and I didn’t like it?

Where did even “faistenceVN” came from and does anyone even know how to pronounce it? Because I do know myself that I do not know how to pronounce it. Now what nonsense am I typing at this very moment…

FaistenceVN is originally from the word “fake existence”. If you erase some letters, you’ll make a new word which is “faistence”. Look here:


There you have it! I just erased the “keex” word right in the middle. The “VN” obviously meant Visual Novels.

Now where the heck did I got that fake existence came from? I knew I wrote somewhere about it in my long ago diary. But then again, I don’t know which diary I’m talking about because I’ve got a lot of diaries that I still keep, so I can read my diary entries again from once upon a time and laugh at my mistakes and stupidity. But if I’m to remember, I think like I wrote about this “fake existence” because it once crossed my mind as a child… What if we aren’t real? What if we’re not really existing in this world? What if we’re just a pigment of someone’s imagination? *GASP*

Anyways, this nonsense means I need to go to sleep now before losing my sanity. I haven’t even slept properly yesterday. Or I don’t know what’s yesterday anymore. My mind is losing track of the dates I existed.

Good night.


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