List of Goals


I have listed all the things I want to achieve as a visual novel creator! I will cross out those that I already did, and I will add more goals if something new strikes my mind!

The never ending, ultimate goal of all: MAKE VISUAL NOVELS THAT READERS WILL ENJOY!

Goal #1: Finish my first Visual Novel.

Goal #2: Join a NaNoRenO event in the future.

Goal #3: Buy a neat drawing tablet and have it installed with a full version of Paint Tool SAI (or any cool drawing/paint software).

Goal #4: Make Kasim (or anyone 😆 ) sympathize with a man who killed his own brother (thought this was a neat idea for a dramatic VN)

Goal #5: Make goal #4 a visual novel.

Goal #6: Complete a visual novel series.

Goal #7: Write a romantic visual novel themed for Valentines day.

Goal #8: Write a creepy visual novel themed for Halloween.

Goal #9: Write an inspiring visual novel themed for Christmas.

Goal #10: Work on a visual novel project with a bunch of cool newbies but determined Visual Novel creators.

Goal #11: Make a BxB or yaoi visual novel.

Goal #12: Make a GxG or yuri visual novel.

Goal #13: Buy a neat microphone and voice act one of my characters.

Goal #14: Upgrade Genius Easy Pen graphic tablet to a wacom!

Goal #15: Make a commercial visual novel.

Goal #16: Volunteer as a sprite and CG artist for a visual novel.

Goal #17: Make a hentai visual novel (don’t judge me >////>).

Goal #18: Have most of the characters wear neko ears!

What else do you think I should add?


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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