“A boy named Luke secretly sneaked out of the house to play in the woods, but stumbled upon a lake. There he meets a mysterious girl who asks him to play with her. As a child, Luke knows it’s bad to lie and he’s been told by his parents not to talk to strangers. His fate depends on what he chooses, if he’ll abide by his parents rules, or if he’ll bend the rules, just a bit.”


  • An Author’s Notes after you unlock all 6 endings.
  • 5 CGs
  • Less than 15 minute game play, depending on how fast you read.

This Visual Novel is an entry for 2017’s NaNoRenO. I started making it on March 15 and finished it on March 29. You can download the game on my itch.io page and view the walkthrough here

For any comments, you can share your opinions below, or on itch.io. You can also drop by at my thread in Lemmasoft. All I ask are truthful opinions that would help me improve my skills for the betterment of my visual novels in the future.


Share your thoughts!!! Come on, I know you wanna say something ;)

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