Story Plot:

Watching from his cage, he could see how his master, Mica suffers from the treatment she’s getting from her boyfriend, Jonas. Despite all this, Mica still loves her boyfriend even though she’s being treated badly by the jerk. And so, Raven, Mica’s pet bird, couldn’t take it anymore. Raven longs to be with Mica. 

And then one day, Raven felt dizzy. After blacking out, he sees his cage destroyed beside him. Things around him became a little bit smaller than usual. And when he looked into the mirror, he is now a human being!

How can he live as a human when he doesn’t even know where to start?
Player will play as Raven. The goal is to win Mica’s heart and to tell the truth that her pet bird is standing before her, as a human being, without making Mica think that he’s crazy!
– It has nine endings in total
– 24 CGs to unlock
– an extra story once you’ve finished all endings

Download Raven at: http://www.mediafire.com/download/999b9h38hdp38bu/Raven-1.0-all.zip


Admit it! You wanna punch the guy...

Admit it! You wanna punch the guy…



Mica's friends. Help Mica in getting her friendship back again with these guys.

Mica’s friends. Help Mica in getting her friendship back again with these guys.


Here’s my very first attempt in creating a Visual Novel. My very first, successfully uploaded on the Internet on May 5, 2015.

It was actually created for the sake of learning how to do basic coding on Ren’Py, how to make my own BGs, CGs and character sprites, and to know if I can really release my own game. It turned out that I could. I’ll be making another VN after this and hopefully, it’ll turn out better than this.

I apologize beforehand for the horrible art. It’s not really the best that I can put up with but I’m running out of time. If I don’t upload this now, I’ll be missing my chance to upload my visual novel for this month. Also, it wasn’t really meant to be pretty. I remind myself why I created this VN in the first place. It was meant to be short, but with a clear story plot and not just some “fooling around” scripts. If it didn’t have a story, I wouldn’t release it. Anyway, since I’m done with the hardships, maybe the second time for me when creating my second VN won’t be as hard as the first.


5 thoughts on “Raven

  1. I’ve managed to get 6 of the endings so far, and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit! I think it is very well done, especially for a first VN. (looking at the word count, it seems like you tackled and finished quite the ambitious project, and I’m wondering how long it took you to complete it?)
    I really enjoyed Raven and Mica’s characters. Jonas sort of grew on me a little too (in ending 1 at least), and I’m curious if I’ll find out more about what made Jonas change into a jerk. I got ending 1 first, but without ever having gone to the bookstore to get the magicians book, so I was a little confused when I met the mage and Raven acted like they had met before. But after playing through some other endings and getting ending 1 with the book, it made sense.
    I’ve spent a good 30+ minutes trying all the combos I can think of to get endings 2-4, but I must not be very bright haha! I shall keep trying, and will eagerly be awaiting the walkthrough to be posted so I can see where I goofed up 🙂 Fabulous job!

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    • fakeexistence

      Thank you for playing and giving some feedback!!! I realized something when I was reading this…. One thing I didn’t consider is the backstory of some characters! Like Jonas’! When I think of it, I haven’t thought of Mica’s story with her friends, too! (how she was nervous with meeting her friends again…) I haven’t really thought about it. I got an advice from someone, telling me that I should explain why Jonas is a jerk and why Mica still likes him no matter what. But I forgot about that (stupid me!!!!) I will try work on the characters’ story in the next VN… I hope I make progress… Thanks for pointing that out!

      The truth is, this project started on my birthday last November. (So you could say this first VN is the most wonderful gift I could give to myself! :D) I spent a lot of time trying how my paint tool works, or how Ren’Py works… etc. But if you just have more time to spend on working with your VN, it will be finished within a month (depending on how long your story is) . I’m sure you’ll do fine, too!

      (I don’t know how to put spoilers though… But I approve of your comment to my blog. And also, it’s not like a lot of people visits this blog. I only share my blog in other websites for the walkthrough. And even if your comment revealed something, if people would really read my VN, they will despite of spoilers – I’ve seen other people putting spoilers before their games :D)

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    • I don’t think its stupid not to include every backstory, (otherwise I imagine the project could get so massive). And I’ve always seen it as a good sign when people want to learn more (like me), even if it isn’t given to them.
      And what a fun idea for a birthday present to yourself. Timeline wise that’s pretty good too.

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