Drawing Skills


I know my drawing skills are bad. Because of this, I have this list of what I think I’m bad at in terms of drawing digitally.

  1. I suck at drawing hands and fingers. No further comment.
  2. Body proportion is a mess! Sometimes, the right arm is too long, the other one is short. And I don’t know how to draw a male’s body from a female’s body!
  3. Art is never consistent! How they look and the color used never looks the same again.
  4. I always run out of ideas for new hairstyles.
  5. I don’t like how I draw characters from side view.
  6. I don’t know how to draw from different angles properly!
  7. I can only draw human beings. Animals, items, and background images all hate me.
  8. I think my coloring can improve a bit more. I just can’t blend the colors right.
  9. I really really really want to draw feet properly.
  10. I need to improve the smaller details, too!
  11. I need to learn more of the effects, such as the lighting, the gloss, and other stuff.
  12. Shadows are not placed on where they really need to be placed.
  13. When I draw a character, it turns out completely the opposite of how I want it to be!
  14. All my characters look the same, seriously.
  15. What else, I can’t draw hands again.

And there we have it! The top 15. Actually, that’s all I can think of right now, and I’m sure there will be more issues coming in the future. So what’s the best thing to do for my skills to get better?

  • Look for a lot of references! I’m actually even looking at the people around me for the tiniest detail for my reference!
  • Look for a lot tutorials! Deviant Art is the heavenly place when it comes to drawing tips!
  • Draw! Draw! Draw! That’s really it. There’s no other better way to hone skills than to just practice a lot until it becomes terrific!

So I have this challenge that I want to set for myself! I’m not just a visual novel creator! I’m also a visual novel reader! Or player! Whatever you define visual novels, if it’s a game or a story. I’ve downloaded some visual novels from the NaNoRenO 2017 Jam and I’m super excited on how the others made their entries!  Now, for some visual novel that I’ll play, I’ll be making a fanart of whichever character I adored from the story!

It’s a bit hard, considering that digital drawing will take you up to 5 hours or more if you’re really serious about it, and I don’t know if I have that much time, but I will still try! In this way, I’ll be able to draw a lot and practice a lot! This is the challenge set to me from now on.