Continuing the Visual Novel Adventure!


So now that I made my NaNoRenO, I feel the laziness kicking in. NO! We must not give in to this laziness!

Before the Encanto visual novel, I put on hold this other visual novel without title yet. For now, I shall name it as Twisted High School Life. The story is not 100% polished yet because I may see some story holes here and there. I have broken the story into nine parts:

  • Introduction
  • Group Assignment
  • Group Clash
  • Part time Job
  • Apology
  • Start of Conflict
  • The Bad News
  • Solution
  • The Fair

Think of it as chapters of the visual novel. For now, I won’t be knowing how many words will it take me to do the script.

Now that I made my NaNoRenO entry, I had some feedback from some readers. First critic is the grammar. I have this one close friend who told me that my English was off and another Lemmasoft user who agreed the grammar can use a bit of some polishing. The same Lemmasoft user advised me to put background music to all scenes (since it can be a bit awkward if there’s no music), and that I should be more careful with the usage of POV switching. Next, I have this user who rated Encanto as 2/5 stars. Since it’s not specific on which areas I should improve, I’ll just take it as a general feedback. I do admit that my art and writing skills are a bit off. Anyways, the 2-star feedback also helps me to want to improve my works more. I’m grateful to all the person who gave feedback I for my visual novel!

Now, I should keep in mind all of the advice I got for my second project! The thing is, I’m already about to get some training for a new job. As a graduating student, I need to at least get a job. Since I got accepted in an interview, there will be a 10-day training, and it will depend on the training if I get the job or not. If I pass the training or not.

So before I get busier, I ‘ll have to spend more time to hobbies and to my loved ones, before I get tired to work 😦 I’ll be posting more updates of the story’s progress and I hope that I will find more time for visual novels! That’s all, and thanks for reading!