Genius Easy Pen Tablet Issues


First of all, I just want to share some story of how I managed to get a drawing tablet.

I wouldn’t even have bought one if it weren’t for Joy. It was our college week, and there she was among the second year students, seated with her friends, managing their booth. I was a fourth year student (still am) and I heard a song from this game called Cytus. I was in love with that game before, but I wasn’t able to install it on my previous trashy phone. I played with her like we weren’t strangers. We talked about the hidden songs in the game, and how she love the Yaoi genre, and how she was planning on going to the anime con, and how she was drawing digitally with her drawing tablet.

That’s what got me excited the most. I’ve always wanted to have a drawing tablet for myself. For so long, I was drawing with a mouse on Paint Tool SAI, and I was surprised that she was also like that before. But she found out this very cheap tablet named Genius Easy Pen on Lazada, something that I can afford as long as I don’t spend on anything besides my travel fare and lunch daily. Before I knew it, I was buying my very first owned drawing tablet. I can’t complain on anything about it. It’s so perfect for a complete beginner like me!

But later on, I encountered some issues with my Genius Easy Pen drawing tablet. The surface was scratched, and it had me thinking that the screen protector is damaged.


Those big scars were getting in the way of drawing.

Those big scars were getting in the way of drawing. So originally, I thought that removing the screen protector will be the answer to my problems. I tried using the pen on the main surface of the tablet to see if it’s smoothly working.


The shiny surface is the main screen of the tablet.

When I flip out the screen protector, this shiny surface meets me. That’s the main area of the drawing tablet. I tried the pen on it like what I do with a mouse and it works! But I wasn’t so sure if later on, it will have ugly scars on it, too like what happened to the screen protector.

I turned to Joy. She knows better about this things, and it was good that I added her on Facebook so I can contact her when I need her. She told me that she wasn’t sure, but if she was in my shoes, she’d only remove the screen protector once she found some alternative for it because it’s too risky. I do agree with her, and one needs to have a backup plan all the time.

That’s when I found out this tiny peeled off cover on one corner of the drawing tablet. It was clearly not the screen protector, because it was stickied on top of the screen protector!

removingThere was this very thin plastic-like cover that covers the whole tablet screen! I showed it to Joy and she told me it’s just the tablet’s cover, not necessarily as screen protector!

I’m glad that I didn’t remove the whole screen protector. If I did, I would actually won’t have my drawing tablet now.

I can draw again on Paint Tool SAI, but drawing right now is a different feeling from before. The screen is just too smooth and I need to get used to my drawing tablet again! It’s because I didn’t remove the cover, when in fact, it should really be removed in the first place!