My Walter Sketch!


So here I am, updating this good-for-nothing, old blog. I haven’t done any visual novel updates for a while because of internet connection issues, work and laziness. 

While the script progress becomes stagnant for a long time, I’ve been practicing my sketches for one of my next visual novel’s character, Walter. The very first version of him is the feature image of this post.

In my opinion, he looks like a boring character and he doesn’t appeal to me at all. Maybe it’s because of how I drew him? Or how I colored him? It could be the wrong choice of color and pose. I’m not really sure, so I went ahead to the Lemmasoft forums. I made a post on the Personal Art sub-thread to seek help from the other members. From what they have told me, my Walter lacked of “pose flow” and my coloring should be a bit “colorful” to make it look interesting. One can also add accessories to have the drawing match up the character’s personality. My second version of Walter is also a bit “boxy”.

With some help from and , they gave me sketches of their own to serve as an example of pose flow and how to color your characters to make them more interesting.

If you clearly look at the way their sketches pose, the character’s a bit tilted to the other side since Walter is a shy boy, and it looked like the hip is a bit slanted, which means the character could be standing and putting all his gravity on one foot while the other foot remains relaxed. I’ve been trying to remake Walter since then. Redoing the sketch and trying again. I’ve made a lot of versions from the smallest detail up to the whole body.

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From the position and size of the hands to the slanting of the hips, to the hairstyle and to the color of the hair, I’ve tried and tried to remake Walter. I also practiced a bit on the color of the shirt and the skin (I don’t think I did a good job on it but at least I practiced!) Now, I think I made my final sketch of Walter and I like how his hair turned out. I’m not really happy with how I colored the skin and everything else but I’ll practice even more and I hope I’ll achieve better results next time. Here’s my latest sketch of him:

Walter 8

Isn’t he so cute? Don’t know. But the accessories that I gave him are definitely cute.

Now that I’m through with Walter, I can do some solidifying of the story and the script! This should be done first but I was kinda bored with it 😛 That’s it for now and thanks for viewing some of my shitty art! Have a great day, everyone!


Having trouble with killing Antagonist Remover


Just saying that the script is making progress about what’s happening to my project. Rather, I’m telling an Update about my recent problems. Tee-hee~

Although I made a finished “Sequence Treatment” out of my next Visual Novel: The Remover, there’s this scenario wherein the Antagonist challenged the Protagonist to a battle. Well… I’m in the state of “No-Idea-Comes-To-Mind” as to how to kill that bad guy!!!

In my “sequence treatment”, I skipped this part (the battle part) since I was too tired to think about it at that time. 

Now, killing a Remover can be as easy as sprinkling salt, crushed garlic, ashes etc on top of the Remover’s lower half, causing it to burn when sunrise comes, since the Remover’s upper half won’t be able to join and unite to the lower half, not being able to go back to the human form before sunrise.

This is decided as the main menu picture, but will add title and some little touches here and there so it's still incomplete!

What’s difficult is that, obviously, the upper half will try to hide the lower half, or guard it, so that it won’t die. Since the lower half is more fragile of the two.

So what’s the plan? If I want to kill Antagonist by using salt, I should make an interesting way of how the Protagonist put salt into the Antagonist’s lower half. Or make an interesting hiding place for the Antagonist’s lower half, which will give the Protagonist a headache just by searching the Antagonist’s lower half. Wait!!! (if I’m actually skilled, I can put a mini-game that is somewhat like a point-and-click finding game!!! But then again, my skill is completely that of a newbie.)

Or maybe kill the Antagonist without using salt…? I have something in my mind, but that would be spoilers if I say it now… 

So… How do you kill a Remover? I hope someone inspires me, to guide me in the way of killing the Antagonist in my story… Comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated. ❤ I’m really in a pinch here….