Drawing Skills


I know my drawing skills are bad. Because of this, I have this list of what I think I’m bad at in terms of drawing digitally.

  1. I suck at drawing hands and fingers. No further comment.
  2. Body proportion is a mess! Sometimes, the right arm is too long, the other one is short. And I don’t know how to draw a male’s body from a female’s body!
  3. Art is never consistent! How they look and the color used never looks the same again.
  4. I always run out of ideas for new hairstyles.
  5. I don’t like how I draw characters from side view.
  6. I don’t know how to draw from different angles properly!
  7. I can only draw human beings. Animals, items, and background images all hate me.
  8. I think my coloring can improve a bit more. I just can’t blend the colors right.
  9. I really really really want to draw feet properly.
  10. I need to improve the smaller details, too!
  11. I need to learn more of the effects, such as the lighting, the gloss, and other stuff.
  12. Shadows are not placed on where they really need to be placed.
  13. When I draw a character, it turns out completely the opposite of how I want it to be!
  14. All my characters look the same, seriously.
  15. What else, I can’t draw hands again.

And there we have it! The top 15. Actually, that’s all I can think of right now, and I’m sure there will be more issues coming in the future. So what’s the best thing to do for my skills to get better?

  • Look for a lot of references! I’m actually even looking at the people around me for the tiniest detail for my reference!
  • Look for a lot tutorials! Deviant Art is the heavenly place when it comes to drawing tips!
  • Draw! Draw! Draw! That’s really it. There’s no other better way to hone skills than to just practice a lot until it becomes terrific!

So I have this challenge that I want to set for myself! I’m not just a visual novel creator! I’m also a visual novel reader! Or player! Whatever you define visual novels, if it’s a game or a story. I’ve downloaded some visual novels from the NaNoRenO 2017 Jam and I’m super excited on how the others made their entries!  Now, for some visual novel that I’ll play, I’ll be making a fanart of whichever character I adored from the story!

It’s a bit hard, considering that digital drawing will take you up to 5 hours or more if you’re really serious about it, and I don’t know if I have that much time, but I will still try! In this way, I’ll be able to draw a lot and practice a lot! This is the challenge set to me from now on.




I can finally kiss the sleepless nights goodbye!

For those of you who don’t know, I have a list of goals I want to achieve as a visual novel creator, and one of them is to make a visual novel for a NaNoRenO event!

There’s a lot of things I learned in making my first ever NaNoRenO VN. 

  • I learned that I can make a visual novel within 15 days. Sure, anyone can make a VN even within an hour. A very, very short VN at that. But this Encanto VN was made on March 15 and I ended it on March 29, 15 days to be exact. It has 6000 words, 3 character sprites, 5 CGs and 6 endings. With that, I had to do the visual novel everyday, be it by the drawings or the script.
  • One should be aware of the resources that they’ll use on their visual novels. I made an itch.io account and with it, there’s an option in which the readers can donate money for your VN. There are a lot of free resources to use on the internet but the question is, are they suited to use in terms of licenses? For example, I may gain profit from the VN if someone got blinded by the crappiness of my VN and accidentally donated, but won’t I get sued if the license of my resources indicates that I shouldn’t use it for commercial purposes? Fortunately, I only used Kevin MacLeod’s music and some other sound effects for the VN. Some of them are fine to use for commercial games. It’s a good thing to research first before doing anything, really.
  • I learned that the new Renpy software is a pain in the ass. Seriously 😦 Some codes such as the CG Gallery from leon doesn’t work anymore 😥 But anyways, one should expect that the software is changing for the better, and so codes are also changing. The problem is, not much new code has been posted for the new software. Everyone’s still new at it, I guess?
  • No matter how crappy my VN is, some of the very few people notice it. No matter how bad you think it is, go ahead and release it to the public! One out of the billions of people might read it, and you’ll be happy they did. Even though the person doesn’t like it. Because that single person endured the 15 minutes of gameplay and even bothered to download it, that’s enough to make me happy.
  • Don’t wait for your hobby to die. If you’ve been neglecting your hobbies, you will soon be lazy to do it again. That’s what I felt when I released my first VN. I felt successful because I was able to make my very first one but then I forgot about making visual novels and never progressed from there. Because of this NaNoRenO event, I focused on releasing my second visual novel, and my drive for making visual novels is back once again! One should keep on doing what they like everyday but I’ll make sure to be organized and have time for other things.
  • My sweetie’s patience is this long >//w//<  Even though I’m too busy to even chat because all I do is visual novels and eat and no sleep and visual novels, he’s still patient and keeps on waiting for me to finish this! And it makes me appreciate him even more!
  • It was worth it.

For those who are interested how crappy this VN is, you can download it on itch.io and see the discussion, if there ever is a discussion about it on this Lemmasoft thread.  To unlock all the game’s endings, you have the walkthrough here. Getting all endings makes you unlock the Author’s Notes where you can read some nonsense there.

And since my first NaNoRenO is done, I guess I’ll tick off my goal #5!

Goal 5 done


What else should I add as a goal?

Made an itch.io account and Encanto nearing completion!


I finally made my itch.io account! Of course there’s nothing uploaded there yet. But I’ll soon upload my visual novel for the NaNoRenO 2017.

Right now, my visual novel Encanto is almost done! I only have to add the credits and the main image. I played the visual novel to test bugs and after successfully testing, I’m like “what crappy shit visual novel this is lol” but a friend tells me to finish what I’ve started and another one tells me that she can’t trust my judgement because I’m always negative when it comes to what I do 😥

There are a lot of struggles that I’ve encountered for my second visual novel. For example, the code that I used for the CG Gallery on my first visual novel, Raven doesn’t work anymore. Could it be that the new Ren’py software doesn’t work with the old code? I made a thread about it on the Ren’py Questions and Announcement section in Lemmasoft but no one seems to have the solution for it. I might just the ditch the CG Gallery. My CGs aren’t really that great, too, so we don’t need to have a CG gallery. But I think it’s still worth it to learn any other code about Galleries for my future VNs.

Another struggle I’ve encountered is that I forgot the code, or I didn’t write the code on my Notebook that’s why it is lost forever and I can’t find the article I got the code from. There’s a lot of disadvantages when you don’t know how to code. But still, with the Lemmasoft forums and Ren’py making life easier, I’m still grateful. I really need to keep codes to remind me about them so maybe I’ll blog about them some other time.

I’ll probably upload the game on the 28th or maybe after March is done. I need sleep and school stuff gets in the way. I guess releasing it earlier than April 1 should be for the better.

Encanto – my first NaNoRenO 2017


Wow, I’ve finally made up my mind about the title of my visual novel for my first participation in this year’s NaNoRenO event! I rushed the main image title for my VN and finally made my thread on the Lemmasoft forum’s WiP section for NaNoRenO. You can check my childish drawings there if you want, and if you want to know more about how I’ve been progressing with the visual novel everyday.

Now this time, I feel like making an itch.io account so I can upload my VN there once it’s done. Itch.io seems like the most popular platform for games made by amateurs and so forget about Mediafire and Dropbox!!!

Since I only have one sprite done, I’m thinking of making the other three. Hopefully, I finish on time. It’s already 25th of March and I’m writing this at 2am in the morning!!! I don’t even know if I can wake up early later to do more about my visual novel!!!

And I’m still needing to search for music to blend well with visual novel Encanto. I’ll be using Kevin MacLeod’s music, since I’m too late to make music of my own. His music is so amazing! The title of the main music I’m going to use is “Gone Beyond”. It’s a pretty musicbox tune that I can’t get off of my head!

Now then! Time to sleep, but after I make an itch.io account!

NaNoRenO 2017 – First Participation


For us visual novel creators (me as an amateur visual novel creator), there is this one event that we participate: NaNoRenO.

NaNoRenO is inspired by the famous event NaNoWriMo or the National Novelist Writer’s Month. In NaNoWriMo, writers make a novel within just one month which is held in November. Although, I don’t know what NaNoRenO really stand out for. Anyone knows?

Anyways, in our case, NaNoRenO is an event where visual novel creators make visual novels from  March 1 and need to finish their works by the end of the month. It’s quite a challenge, since there’s the school, the chores, the laundry, but it’s fun being busy and pressuring yourself to finish a visual novel within just a month. What’s not fun is when you neglect other hobbies, like playing your favorite MMORPG or watching anime, or when you’re too busy you forget to reply to your loved one and friends. But they’re all very supportive about this bullshit that I’m doing so it’s fine and all! 

So what do I get from participating in this event? Pressure, stress, lack of sleep, tiredness, tears and fun! There is no prize since it’s not even a contest. Maybe it would feel great when you make a visual novel and it came out beautifully done like you’ve spent a lot of time on it to make it look this great, but it’s tagged as NaNoRenO, and the readers are all like “Oh! You made it within just a month! How amazing! I don’t believe you!”, that kind of response, of course which I won’t be getting XD because I’ll maybe using a lot of creative commons found in the vast, wide internet, so it would probably look like it was forced to be completed within this month.

And this year, 2017, it’s going to be my very first participation for the NaNoRenO event! I know it’s a bit late to post and it’s March 22 right now, and I haven’t even made a title for it! Here’s the description of the story:

A boy named Luke secretly sneaked out of the house to play, but he stumbles upon a lake. There, he meets a mysterious girl who asks him to play with her. As a child, Luke knows it’s bad to lie, and he’s been told by his parents not to talk to strangers. His fate depends on what he chooses, if he’ll abide by his parents’ rules, or if he’ll bend it, just a bit.


I’ll post to Lemmasoft after I make up my mind about the title, since I have some few titles in my mind. The visual novel will be having six endings, with just 5 CGs for the other endings, with five characters in total but I’ll only be making one character sprite. But I might make more if I have the time. It’s going to be short, and the genre will be Fantasy or Folklore (if that’s even a genre). I only started making the visual novel on March 15, so as you can see, I am so soo SOOO late! I’m falling behind schedule, so I gotta hurry! Pressure! Pressure me more!